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January 29, 2019

Yes, That Was Me You Saw On TV!

To my delight, I got contacted by a television producer. He shared that he was coming to tape a new show called This Is Denver to be broadcasted on Denver’s CBS4, and that he really wanted to include me on one of his episodes. (Pinch me!)

The only sane response to that was “of course!” And, the adventure began!

Coming from a small town in Venezuela, being on television to promote one’s business isn’t even a realistic dream- let alone to do that in America! The invite was truly beyond comprehension. It was only my raw ambition that led to such an opportune situation.

The excitement amongst my team, colleagues, family, and friends was building, and I announced the tv spot on social media:


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Growing up in a small town in #Venezuela, #America – the land of the #free and the #home of the #brave – seemed like a distant place. Impossible at times. But life works in mysterious ways. Being a little girl with #ambitions one could only hope that #life will take you places. Yet, life brought me here. Only a place like America can provide opportunities to #hard #working people who just want to excel. No excuses. Just #passion, #focus, #determination and long hours can give you a chance to #succeed. This is just my #beginning. I am living life doing what I #love #build #design #decor. And for the first time in my life, I am going to be on #television!!!! Saturday December 15th 2018 at 6 pm PT on CBS4 #thisisdenver #denver #tide #cbs #cbs4 #margarita #bravo

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I have to admit I was quite nervous going onto television for my first time!

However, I was super excited to be able to share about our growing design studio.


The day of the shoot was absolutely frigid outside. While the cold wind was biting, I stuck with my carefully chosen outfit as I wasn’t going to let a cold snap cause me to go into hiding!

The moment that I was greeted by the anchor and cameraman, I felt instant ease. They were such a welcoming, nice group of people!

They prepared me with the sequencing and the type of questions they’d ask. And, then the camera began rolling!

To my delight, it all went so smooth- might I even say uneventful?

I left at the end of the day feeling tired, yet with a huge sense of success.

I did have two topics that I wish I had spoken more about.

First, on how our design studio isn’t cut from your average mold. You see, my background has provided me with that secret sauce that allows us to excel at our craft.

I am an engineer by trade, and thus all of my designs have a depth of knowledge and intelligence embedded into them. The engineering mind provides superior solutions. It sees opportunities where others may not. It sees heightened ways to deliver functionality.

I feel like what attracted the producers to my studio is this superior engineering brought to the design process, and I just wished I had approached it directly. Next time!

Second, although I mentioned on television how we are a one-stop shop for all design and build needs, I didn’t have the chance to explain how this benefits our clients.

When clients come to me first, before they assemble their professional team, it allows me to work with them to refine the vision of the end product and then to bring on board the pros that can help make that vision possible.

This is the opposite of starting with the four walls and viewing the decoration within them as a secondary concern.

Thus, by working closely with architects and builders, we are able to provide our clients with structures and solutions that better meet their needs.


The producers didn’t show us more than a couple clips before the episode went live, so we were at the edge of our seats when the show went live.

To celebrate this moment, we invited family to our home. There were 12 of us in all, including my husband and two sons. In another house, about 14 of our friends were also watching. The two viewing teams were in constant contact via texting throughout! It was really fun.

With snacks and wine, and with all eyes and ears on the television, we had a really fun, celebratory experience of watching my segment.

Here is the full segment that aired on Denver’s CBS4:

The segment came to closure with the cheering of my family, our phones buzzing with incoming texts, and an overall sense of joy and gratitude for being such a privileged part of the American dream- a privilege earned through hard work.

I hope that helps you understand the value we offer with our design services! From structural changes within your existing home to new constructions, we design new homes, kitchens, and baths to elevate our clients’ quality of life and to increase the value of their real estate investments.

Call me at (720) 735-7533 to discuss your project today!

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Margarita Bravo

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Margarita is a luxury interior designer and decorator, remodeler, furniture curator, and creator of experiences. Margarita’s unique skill set has evolved from her strong educational background and European and Latin American sources of inspiration. Now with design studios in Denver, Miami, Montecito, Aspen And Barcelona.