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March 27, 2020

Contributing to a Design House

Our Denver design team was excited and honored to be one of the designers chosen to participate in the Denver Life Magazine’s Designer Showhouse. We were given the master suite to design! Each contributing designer makes the space they are allotted their own and designs it as per their personality and signature style. But, it is also important for the entire house to have a cohesive feel and that each room is harmonious with the other. This can be tricky. We decided to give the master suite (including the master bedroom, master bathroom, and an entryway) a minimal, natural look.

Denver Designer Showhouse Margarita Bravo

This video explains how this project inspired me and how I chose the design language.



The entryway was a narrow hallway, but we turned that to our advantage and worked with a local wood fabricator to create a custom accent wall out of angled wood pieces. It became the focal point of the entryway and added an artistic feel to the space.

Denver Showhouse Entryway Custom Wall

This video highlights how we crafted this unique entryway.


Denver Showhouse Master Bed Bohemian Design

Natural neutrals

Abstract Rug Design Room

Abstract rug (left) and cozy reading corner

The bedroom is an oasis of natural, sophisticated design. The airy palette is complemented with abundant sunshine, and the earthy, natural linen adds to the room’s elegance. The abstract artwork adds a dash of color while the metal chandelier and the massive, circular mirror make a design statement. The neutral hues of the abstract rug and textured bedside tables blend into the rest of the design seamlessly, and the cozy nook for reading completes the look. My favorite part of this room’s design is that there is so much going on, but it still looks so refined.

Denver Showhouse Luxe Master Bedroom Design

Here’s a video explaining how I chose this look.


Denver Showhouse Luxe Master Bath Interior Design

Modern, minimal bathroom

Denver Showhouse Shower Design

Independent shower

The master bathroom was all about sophisticated minimalism. A pristine, white independent tub and a glass-enclosed shower are juxtaposed with wooden cabinetry, a sleek pendant, and bronze accents on the mirrors and lights.

Denver Showhouse Bathroom Interior Design

This video elaborates on the look.


I loved being a part of the Denver Life magazine’s Designer Showhouse. It was a thrilling experience to work on the same project as so many great designers and still have a space that was my own. I hope you enjoyed seeing how our Denver team put together this showhouse.

Take a look at this video to see the entire look and to gather useful design tips:

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Margarita Bravo

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