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December 16, 2020

MB Home Collection: Sustainable, Custom Design

The MB Home Collection flaunts hand-made accessories that we created to give our customers unique decor pieces that enhance their interiors. Our bespoke pieces are made in the US and crafted sustainably. Here are glimpses of our colorful, made-with-love MB Home Collection.


Mb Hand Made Colorful Pillows

Mb Sterna Lumbar Pillow

Sterna Lumbar Pillow

Add an eclectic yet elegant touch to your furniture with this patterned pillow that’s lined with a peacock velvet band. The solid pop of color complements the geometric pattern to create a striking design statement.

Bequeve And Paicla Lumbar Pillows

Bequeve Lumbar Pillow (top) and Paiclá Lumbar Pillow (bottom)

Make an artistic statement with the Bequeve’s abstract print with a soft velvet band, or if your style is more textural,you’ll love the raised thread texture of the Paiclá. There’s a variety of styles, prints, and colors to choose from as the MB Home Collection is versatile and caters to various design tastes and palettes. Explore our designer pillows here.


Mb Hand Made Cotton Masks

Our handmade masks are made with 100% cotton, and the designs can be customized to suit each individual. Featured above is the White Floral Mask (top) and the Business Mask (bottom). For more styles, check out our designer masks.


Green Orange Selten Bench Mb

Rocco and I on the Selten Bench

Our outdoor benches are colorful, happy, and perfect to perch on with your pup. Need we say more? Explore our Selten Bench collection here.

Mb Home Selten Bench Collections

We’re proud to share that the MB Home Collection is now available! You can shop for pieces here.

If our new collection inspires you to renovate your Denver home or just give it a style makeover, our team is happy to help. The first step is to call our top-rated Denver interior design studio at 720-735-7533. We can then arrange to use FaceTime or Zoom for face-to-face video calls, allowing for a touch-free design and remodeling experience. Or, we can use masks and make it an in-person meeting.

Margarita Bravo Green Interior Designer

Margarita Bravo

Denver’s Best Interior Designer

Margarita is a luxury interior designer and decorator, remodeler, furniture curator, and creator of experiences. Margarita’s unique skill set has evolved from her strong educational background and European and Latin American sources of inspiration. Now with design studios in Denver, Miami, Montecito, Aspen And Barcelona.