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November 23, 2022

Modern Luxurious Apartment Interior Design Ideas

A home should always be personal and display one’s style preference. But essentially, a home should be practical, livable, and comfortable. Fusing functionality and style in a tight space like an apartment can be overwhelming. And in our quest to achieve practicality – maximizing functionality can risk visually cluttering a limited space.

Here are some of the best modern apartment interior design ideas to overcome this challenge when decorating your apartment while keeping it modern and luxurious.

Make a Grand Entrance 

Your entrance is the first thing your guests notice, so make it count. Chances are that you don’t have a foyer in your apartment. But that shouldn’t stop you from creating a welcoming spot. An inviting entryway can set the mood and create a good impression on your guests.

Find a wall by your entrance door and develop that into a proper entryway. Align a daybed against the wall and hang a decorative Persian mirror above for a mix of a modern and vintage vibe.

luxury Apartment Interior Design

Source: https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

You can take inspiration from this simple entryway – use a vintage chest of drawers as your console table and adorn it with a mix of decor items. Deck up the blank wall with a combination of vintage mirrors of all sizes and frames. A narrow entry rug is a great addition and makes the ambiance quite welcoming.

Think about Utilitarian Elements

The not so classy looking heating and air conditioning units in our homes tend to draw a lot of unwanted attention. Especially in an apartment, there is no missing these unattractive installations.

Give your apartment a sophisticated look by smartly concealing these units. There are several clever ways to mask them aesthetically – an obvious one – by arranging indoor plants strategically around these units. Setting an existing cabinet in front of them could also do the trick. You could modify the cabinet by removing the back and bottom planks to fit the units.

minimalist interior

Source: https://francoisetmoi.com

If you are courageous enough, you can make your radiator the highlight of your apartment while keeping your space looking chic. Paint it a bold matte color so that it stands out against the white walls. And treat it as a decor piece to hold your books and candles.

Invest in Multifunctional Pieces

A favorite trick to maximize functionality and minimize cluttering. These pieces help save a lot of space and create more room for other essential elements. Space-saving furniture to multipurpose objects – all can help cut down the clutter in a room. The end result is a neater, more organized, and well-thought-of space.

modern apartment

Source: https://www.housebeautiful.com

If your apartment can’t accommodate a full dining table – a multifunctional counter like this can be a pragmatic solution. The table can be used as an extra counter for prep work or tucked beneath the platform when not in use. The metallic nature of the table paired with the bling pendant lamps gives the room a sleek and luxurious look.

Modern Luxurious Apartment Interior Design Ideas

Pay Attention to Proportions and Scale

A cohesive environment with a neat flow should be the objective when designing a space. Proportions and scale play a crucial role in visuals and can make or break a room.

Scale is the size of objects in relation to the size of the space, nearby objects, or humans. Proportion is how an object relates to surrounding objects in the room.

Bigger rooms can make room for bulky furniture, while smaller rooms look good with petite-sized furniture. The same goes for ceilings – higher ceilings can accommodate taller objects.

luxury apartment entry

Source: https://www.modedamour.com

Repetitive arches in the form of windows, doors, and narrow decorative mirrors maintain the proportions in this room. The elegant furniture is to scale with the size of the room. The massive chandelier does not look overpowering and suits the spacious room beautifully.

Work on the Lighting

Lighting, whether – natural or artificial, has the power to create certain perceptions. It plays with our emotions and can help us distinguish between a comfy resting area and a warm entertaining space.

modern apartment living room

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/471048442289015582/

Bright-lit spaces are more inviting and give us an impression of a spacious room. The big, bright windows usher in enough natural light to maintain the old factory-like darkness in this industrial penthouse. The sequential play of light and shadows further creates a dramatic effect on the mood and ambiance of the room.

Turn to Makeshift Study or Workplace

Designating an entire room as an office or study can be quite demanding for an apartment. Instead, a customized study or office desk that easily blends in a living room or a bedroom is practical. Multifunctional furniture that converts into a study desk is an easy option.

creative apartment space

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/361484307602972174/

A space-saving office like this that folds back into a sleek wall cabinet is a trendy option for apartments. This makeshift office will fit perfectly in a bedroom. When you need to work, you can open the cabinet and the space functions as a full-fledged office. It has shelves to hold books and other office supplies. The desk is comfortable enough for one person to work on. You don’t have to worry about placing the office next to the window for natural sunlight. The in-built ceiling lights comfortably light up the entire workspace.

Utilize Dead Spaces 

Ignoring your transitional zones like hallways is a waste of precious square footage. Instead, you can personalize these areas and add character to these long belts of dull walls. Speaking of walls – one of the most common ways to decorate passageways is to deck up the walls with paintings, photographs, and art. Rethinking the floors can be an innovative way to accentuate these narrow spaces. Slim floor runners along the length of the passage add personality. Pick rugs in elegant prints or fancy textures to highlight the floor.

classic apartment

Source: https://www.ariyonainterior.com/passage-decor-ideas/

Changing the flooring is another option. Experimenting with bold patterns and bright colors can highlight the length of the passage. Mosaic tiles can dramatize a long corridor and give it a chic look. The selection of wall art adds vibrance, color, and character to the passage.

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