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October 06, 2021

7 Ways to Design Tricky Spaces In Your Home

A core challenge in interior design projects is balancing style and functionality. The more unique the space is, the more challenging it can be to achieve both aesthetic and utility goals. Fortunately, I can lean on my engineering background to navigate design decisions, including those tricky spaces that many designers stumble on. Here are some of the ways I design tricky spaces and give them purpose.


Denver Design Narrow Hallway

The master suite of the Denver Designer Showhouse (2019) had a narrow hallway, and I wanted it to reflect the organic, natural look of the master suite. There was too little space to add anything, so I turned the wall into a design focal point and enhanced it with abstract art.


Kitchen Interior Evergreen Design

The construction of a home can also lead to design challenges. At first, adding recessed lighting to this kitchen didn’t appear to be possible as the original architecture didn’t allow enough space between the ceiling and the roof. To solve this and maintain the architectural integrity, my team added beams to the ceiling and used those to house recessed lighting. The beams served a functional purpose and were styled to complement the overall look. It was a miracle solution to what seemed like a hopeless situation.


Englewood Narrow Bathroom Renovation

Narrow spaces are always challenging to design, but also give designers an opportunity to think outside the box. When designing a narrow space, it’s imperative to style it to not look crowded. For example, the narrow bathroom featured above. The double floating vanity was custom made with adequate storage, while the hand-made micro tile wall and circular mirrors make a style statement without overwhelming the space.


Small Deck Outdoor Patio Space

Outdoor areas provide an excellent opportunity to create spaces for entertaining and hanging out. Even a small deck can serve this purpose as it gives people a space to relax and entertain that extends beyond their home’s interiors.

The challenge with a small deck is the space limitation shouldn’t limit it from having the look and comfort of a family room. Our solution was to bring together comforting elements, including heavily cushioned chairs, rug, art, and flowers, to give the space that special touch of home. When an outside area has the constituent parts of indoor space, you know that the deck will be much loved.


Denver Condo Entry Console Bench Design

A home’s entryway sets the tone for the rest of the space, so I make sure to add purposeful, stylish touches to it. Here, the console and bench make the space functional, and the colorful abstract art and textured wall create visual interest.


Downtown Denver Condo Bar Nook Space Decor

A lounging area, a minibar, a reading nook — a small corner can offer multiple uses with the right design decisions and space planning. When designing a tricky corner like the one seen above, I use a neutral palette and light furniture that doesn’t crowd the limited space.


Denver Transforming An Attic Into A Master Bathroom

Every design decision from tiles, fabrics, color, and furniture affects the style and functionality of a room. The video showcases how I arrive at decor choices for tricky projects like turning an attic into a master bathroom.

Has this blog inspired you to change the look and utility of your interiors? My team and I are happy to help. The first step is to call our top-rated Denver interior design studio at 720-735-7533. We can then arrange to use FaceTime or Zoom for face-to-face video calls, allowing for a touch-free design and remodeling experience. Or, we can meet in person. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have.

Margarita Bravo Green Interior Designer

Margarita Bravo

Denver’s Best Interior Designer

Margarita is a luxury interior designer and decorator, remodeler, furniture curator, and creator of experiences. Margarita’s unique skill set has evolved from her strong educational background and European and Latin American sources of inspiration. Now with design studios in Denver, Miami, Montecito, Aspen And Barcelona.