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August 28, 2018

Balancing Modern Design With Everyday Style

In recent years, modern design has become one of the most requested styles from my Denver clients. As Denver continues to grow, and new (more modern) buildings appears, many homeowners want a cohesive design inside and out, i.e. modern interiors! While such interiors are trendy, up-to-date, and sleek — it’s a fine balance when it comes to making a home feel inviting and minimal at the same time. No one wants to feel as if they’re living in a sterile, unlived space, which is why my clients are often apprehensive to take on the design process themselves (and, I don’t blame them!).

Integrating a modern warmth into each client’s unique design style is one of our specialties. We love to bring forth our clients’ love of color, artwork, and architecture through modern and/or minimalist design. While bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms offer plenty of creative opportunities, kitchen interiors often require more solution-based thinking. Remember, it’s easy to establish a bare “minimalist” look, but much more difficult to create that warm-minimalist style that makes you feel at home.

Here are 3 of our go-to elements for an inviting modern kitchen design:


Kitchen Cabinets Design Bonnie Brae

Storage is arguably one of the most important elements to any kitchen design. It keeps the space organized, clutter-free, and functional! We love configuring unique storage solutions that add contrast, depth, texture, and color to a modern space. By installing smoothly surfaced cabinetry, we try to keep the look as sleek as possible while ensuring it complements the space in an aesthetically pleasing way.


Bonnie Brae Kitchen Interior Design Denver

Contrast is crucial, especially when breaking up any monotony in modern-minimalist design. It adds depth and balance to a space in an understated and refined manner. In this two-toned kitchen, we chose a bright white marble countertop and backsplash to contrast against the flat panel cabinets. Not every modern kitchen will be two-toned (such as our example, here), but contrasting elements will also work in monochromatic and more color-centric designs.


Breakfast Nook Interior Design Bonnie Brae

Without personal touches, it won’t feel like your home. Such accents can range from artifacts, antiques, artwork, sculptures, finishes, and more. These are the details that speak to you and showcase your unique design personality! For this client, we focused on bringing out their design sense through metal finishes, artwork, and houseplants. While the artwork and plants add a touch of natural greenery, metal finishes create a subtle industrial-modern flair.

By combining white countertops and black light fixtures, the result is a modern Scandinavian space with touches of oak textured accent pieces. Learn more about this Denver kitchen remodel in our Denver design portfolio or in this video!

Curious about working with us? You might want to explore our Denver interior design services and process, or explore our portfolio for more great projects!

If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen and live in the Denver area, give us a call at 720.735.7533 and we can discuss how to beautify your home, make your days more special, and increase your home’s value– all at the same time!

We would love to help!

Margarita Bravo Green Interior Designer

Margarita Bravo

Denver’s Best Interior Designer

Margarita is a luxury interior designer and decorator, remodeler, furniture curator, and creator of experiences. Margarita’s unique skill set has evolved from her strong educational background and European and Latin American sources of inspiration. Now with design studios in Denver, Miami, Montecito, Aspen And Barcelona.