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MARGARITA BRAVO founded by award-winning designer Margarita Bravo, this high-end studio has been leaving a mark on the Englewood, Colorado design scene. As a world traveler, former industrial engineer, and mother of two, Margarita brings a unique perspective to the design process. Her pragmatic, creative, and intuitive approach to design helps ease her clients into the process, bringing out their authentic design style and merging that with high functionality and timeless beauty.

MARGARITA BRAVO raises the bar on upscale interior design and remodeling services in Englewood. Offering a one-of-a-kind design, client-centered experience to all of their clients, MARGARITA BRAVO is hands on throughout the entire process, from conception to completion. Where client satisfaction is high, Margarita has proven time and time again that she will go the extra mile just to deliver her clients the home of their dreams.


MARGARITA BRAVO stays on top of the latest trends, while staying innovative, so clients can rest assured knowing their home will be personalized yet timeless. This unique combination results in warm, modern interiors coupled with everlasting finishes that reflect her client’s personality influenced by Margarita’s personal touch.

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MARGARITA BRAVO serves Denver as well as the towns of Cherry Hills Village, Greenwood Village, Bow Mar, Englewood, Evergreen, Morrison, Lakewood, Ken Caryl, Lone Tree, and Boulder. Nationally, the studio serves clients coast-to-coast from their studios in Denver, Miami, and Montecito.

Get to know Us

These short videos allow you to meet Margarita in a more personal manner.

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Interior Design Is My Passion

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Our Design Process

Engineering Expertise Supports Great Denver

Engineering Expertise Supports Design

Made To Order Design Furniture

Sustainable, Made-to-Order Furniture

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Wearing A Client's Character