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MARGARITA BRAVO is the latest interior designer in Miami Beach. The nationally-known designer now offers full-service interior design to her discerning Miami Beach interior design clients. Margarita Bravo and her team are known for their exciting, versatile designs and superior client management. Their services include decorating, remodeling, and furniture curating, and their approach is to style all of the above in a way that reflects Miami’s distinct lifestyle.

MARGARITA BRAVO is a luxury Miami interior design firm that balances elegance and style with functionality and purpose. They execute each project from start to finish with precision, earning their clients’ trust and goodwill.

MARGARITA BRAVO sets the standard for Miami Beach Interior Designers with their unparalleled commitment to creativity and innovation. By incorporating the vibrant colors and rich textures of Miami’s diverse culture, Margarita and her team create truly unique and breathtaking spaces tailored to their clients’ individual tastes and preferences. The objective is to design a space that not only reflects the personality and lifestyle of the client but also enhances their daily living experience. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to excellence, MARGARITA BRAVO has solidified its reputation as one of the premier Miami Beach Interior Designers, transforming spaces into stunning works of art that elevate the way their clients live, work, and play.


Purposeful designs, a sharp eye for style, and excellent project management skills have earned MARGARITA BRAVO’s team the reputation of being the top Miami Beach interior designers. Margarita brings her personal touch to each project and ensures that her team of designers, builders, and craftsmen realize the creative vision of each project with precision. Their modern, eclectic designs are high on practicality, too, and are designed keeping in mind South Florida’s climate and culture.

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Serving all of South Florida with world-class design, decor, and renovation services including Miami, Coconut Grove, Key Biscayne, Miami Beach, North Miami Beach, Hallandale Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Boca Raton. Nationally, the studio serves clients coast-to-coast from their studios in Miami, Denver, and Montecito.

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These short videos allow you to meet Margarita in a more personal manner.

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Engineering Expertise Supports Design

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