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Colorado – DenverTownhome Renovation & Decor

This is a super modern townhome with original pale tones, mainly a white canvas. Our sophisticated and well-traveled out-of-town clients purchased this townhome right in the middle of the pandemic. They needed a full-cycle interior design studio like ours to take on this project while they were in transit to Denver.

The scope was the complete renovation and facelift of the kitchen, powder room, master bedroom, master bathroom, guest suites, basement, and outdoor areas. Our clients wanted to bring warm tones such as orange and red throughout the 4-story Denver townhome. They were open to discovering and implementing different interior design ideas in each section of the house.

This project also features our SORELLA furniture pieces made exclusively by hand in Portugal and shipped to our clients in Denver. You can find our TABATA Ottoman, our IKI Chair, and the ROCCO Table, adding that special touch to this beautiful townhome.