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MARGARITA BRAVO is a full-service Luxury Interior Design studio that serves a discerning nationwide clientele of residential and commercial  clients. We are client-centric. Our approach is simple: we listen. We design, build, decorate and inspire homes and spaces that suit your personality and your lifestyle.

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Margarita Bravo Luxury Denver Interior Designer

Denver interior designer

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Margarita Bravo is a Luxury Denver interior designer and decorator, green remodeler, furniture curator, and creator of experiences. Her namesake  studio partakes in home design projects nationwide from its Denver, Miami, and Montecito locations.

Margarita’s approach to interior designing and project execution is at the intersection of her clients’ ambitions and her own creativity. This unique combination results in the ultimate client experience coupled with everlasting finishes that reflect her client’s personality influenced by Margarita’s personal touch.

Margarita’s unique skill set has evolved from her strong educational background and European and Latin American sources of inspiration.

Meet Us

Margarita Bravo Denver Interior Design Process


How We Do It

We bring a project management approach to the process of making your home beautiful and functional. You can centralize your home project through us and we take care of the entire process.

During our full cycle approach we tend to all of the details of your project, that way you can enjoy life while we do what we love the most, making stunning spaces.

  • General Contractor Coordination
  • Construction Coordination
  • Budgeting Procurement

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Margarita Bravo Denver Interior Design Process

Our Lines

Born out of the infinite and pure passion we have for design


Rocco Coffee Table Sorella Furniture
Iki Lounge Chair Sorella Collection

MB Home Collection

Bequeve Mb Home Collection
Selten Bench Mb Home Collection

Get to know Us

These short videos allow you to meet Designer Margarita in a more personal manner.

Engineering Expertise Supports Great Denver

Engineering Expertise Supports Design

Made To Order Design Furniture

Sustainable, Made-to-Order Furniture

Mb Client Review Video

Client Praise for Our Denver Studio

One Stop Shop Design Studio

One Stop Shop Interior Studio

Wearing Clients Character Margarita Bravo

Wearing A Client's Character

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Our Design Process