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December 05, 2022

25 Living Room Christmas Decor Ideas

‘Tis the season to be jolly. So bring out all your Christmas decorations and start decorating to spread the magic and cheer of the holidays. To get you started, we have a list of decor ideas and tips to make your living room merry and bright.

Let’s first look at some living room settings to draw some inspiration before we dive into the little details that complete the decor.

The Royal Living Room

Deep blue, red, and gold remind us of royalty. The tree wrapped in soft velvet ribbons and gilded branches – has an undying charm. The marbled and glass ornaments in classic rich tones add to the beauty of the tree. The arrangement of the nutcrackers, gold reindeer and glass cloche with fairy lights has a magical vibe. A gilded garland is wrapped around the mirror and stuck with some clear tape to make it look glamorous. Gifts wrapped in plaid prints arranged on the sheepskin call out to the season of giving.

The Traditional Christmas

Elegant Christmas Decor

Source: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/225602262573106121/

The tree stands tall in this double-height ceiling with its classic Christmas ornamentation. Traditional Christmas decor is observed in this room. The decor is simple, and prominence is given to the colors of Christmas – red and green. The Christmas flower – poinsettia embellishes the fireplace with its bright red color. In contrast to the fireplace, the mantel is decorated with some greenery and a bunch of white knit stockings.

The Sky Blue Living Room

blue Christmas Decor idea

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/417075615502701960/

Pale blue is a unique choice of color for Christmas. This white living room with soft blue highlights reminds us of a cloudy summer sky. That glimmer of gold gives the pale room a glam vibe. The untraditional take on decorating the trees with blue and white ornaments – makes it extra special.

The Christmas Jungle

Jungle Christmas Decor

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/23081016832821731/

When a single Christmas tree doesn’t make you merry – you create a grove of Christmas trees in your living room. The different styles and sizes of the trees make it exciting. The addition of the ceramic tree and the mini coniferous trees on the coffee table and console table is absolutely adorable.

The Minimalist Decor

Minimalist Christmas Decor

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/351912462846714/

For those who like to keep it simple, stick to a minimalistic, muted color palette. Play with natural materials. For example, a natural seagrass woven tree collar can be used instead of a tree skirt.

A sturdy wooden coffee table holds a simple brass planter to add extra bling. While the soft evening festive glow comes from the tree’s fairy lights.

The Opulent Living Room

Elegant Christmas

Source: kendrascott.com

The Christmas decor is sophisticated and works well with the posh interiors. The mantel and the staircase railings are decorated with elegant garlands entwined with bright, shiny bulbs and led lights. Brass lanterns holding chunky candles are set around the fireplace for extra warmth. And silver reindeer sculptures are placed on the coffee table books for that festive cheer.

The Black and White Living Room  

White Chrismas

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/60728294964782599/

A neutral color scheme is observed in this living room. The tan sectional adds a subtle hint of color to the black-and-white decor. But the standout is the matte black fireplace in this snow-like white space. A laid-back Boho vibe is offered to the interiors with the addition of pom poms and tassels to the cushion cover, chandelier, and stockings.

The Festive Red Living Room

Festive Red Decor


It’s easy to fall in love with this cozy living room with accents of merry red tones. Warm throws scattered on the seating areas surrounding the fireplace make for quite an inviting image. The mantel is adorned with a simple garland and wooden pillar candle stands. Knit stockings hang from the mantel along with the fa-la-la banner with strings of white, beige, and red beads. The tree is dressed up with white yarn balls, snowflakes, silver ornaments, and the fa-la-la banner again. Some of the ornaments are laid on the shelves and the coffee table to spread the joy of the holidays.

The French Style Decor

Living Room Christmas Decor Ideas

Source: https://pin.it/2ecE3pR

A Parisian elegance is observed in this room. The Christmas tree has a sense of elegant femininity as it flaunts a gold birdcage, antique French portraits, pink satin bows, crystal beads, French macarons, and delicate pastel trinkets. The marble-top French coffee table with a large gold appliqué holds two French Macaron topiary trees. An antique French box sitting beside the presents fits into the theme perfectly.

The Party Ready Living Room

Green Christmas decor

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/90142430033002284/

The mini bar is stocked up with all the booze for the Christmas party. The decoration is kept to a bare minimum. However, the tree’s skirt and the stockings are matching and are in agreement with the green walls.

The Floral Garden 

Green Christmas Decor

Source: greenweddingshoes.co

This one is for those who love blossoms. Dress up your tree with as many fresh or faux blooms. Experiment with colors and different kinds of flowers.

The ombré effect on this flower Christmas tree is like a rainbow. The mantel decoration is a unique mix of greenery and wine floral arrangements. The shiny disco ball is the cherry on the cake and sparks extra joy in this vibrant display.

The Family Room

Family Christmas Decor Ideas

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/276197389637850454/

A heartwarming display of Christmas cards from over the years welcomes the guests into this living room. The ornaments on the tree are a riot of colors and pair beautifully with the colorful cards.

Get creative with your Wreath

Wreath Decor

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/724516658800617340/

Christmas wreaths aren’t just meant to be hung outside your main door. This classic holiday decor item can be used in multiple ways to create a lasting impression. Hanging it around a circular gold mirror is a gorgeous way to draw attention to both – the mirror and the wreath. Remember, the bigger the mirror, the bigger will be the diameter of the wreath, in turn, create a bigger impact on your guest.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Mirror Christmas Decor

15 Make A Christmas Gallery Wall

Christmas Decor 15

Bring out all your Christmas art and hang them on a wall to create a joyous Xmas gallery. You can stick to a color scheme(preferably the colors of the festival) and mix and match paintings of winter scenes with cheerful Christmas quotes.

16 Offbeat Xmas Tree

Christmas Decor 16

If Christmas colors aren’t really your jam, you can opt for a muted, neutral color palette. And, no, you don’t always have to have a green Christmas tree. Pampas grass trees are in vogue this season, and you get to choose from a wide range of colors to fit your style. These trees sure make for a striking centerpiece, and it’s up to you to dress it up extra or keep it simple.

Here we notice a boho chic setting with subtle globe ornaments hung on the tree for a simple festive touch. Alternatively, you could decorate the tree with dried or faux flowers, garlands, fairy lights, and festive ornaments.

17 Xmas Tree In Any Form

Christmas Decor 17

This fireplace mantel is simple yet unique. The asymmetric garland with the gold bells lingers on one end of the mantel, while the other end – is kept bare with just a couple of candlesticks. The art that hangs above the fireplace displays a wilderness of coniferous trees – making it apt for the winter season. You, too, can add miniatures, cones, and paintings of Christmas trees for that subtle addition of conifer.

18 Highlight The Fireplace

Christmas Decor 18

Let your holiday aesthetic brighten up your fireplace. Stack up a few bright red candles and light them up in front of your fireplace. Add a gorgeous dried floral arrangement to your mantel. And hang a fancy brass mirror on top to reflect the light from the candles. This is an easy look to pull off and looks very sophisticated.

19 Get Creative With The Mantel

Christmas Decor 19

If you are bored of decking up the mantel the traditional way with garlands and stockings – you could try replicating this look. Line up a variety of trees in sparkly colors. Here we see a bunch of glitter cone trees and glass trees assembled heightwise on either side of a few faceted mirror trees. A silver garland is held by a bunch of beautiful magnolias to enhance the beauty of the mantel.

20 Think About The Top View

Christmas Decor 20

Chandeliers can be exciting to decorate and instantly transform the look of your ceilings. Here we have a nest made of olive branches – hung from the ceiling. Silver and white baubles and a string of white beads are decorated around the nest. Pillar candles are lit on top of the nest for a chandelier feel. And silver star and heart ornaments are vertically hung from the nest to mimic chandelier crystals.

21 Pay Attention To Your Window Display

Christmas Decor 21

Line your windows with a row of cutely wrapped candy canes to create visual interest. Attach cluster lights to your window frame for a warm glow. And display your tree right beside the window to attract the attention of passersby.

22 Display Your Christmas Village

Christmas Decor 22

Empty your shelves to showcase your Christmas village. Alternatively, you could set up your village in a glass door cabinet and attach string lights at the back for illumination. You could even display it on your windowsill to enhance your window display.

23 Build a Warm Space

Christmas Decor 23

The string of brass bells and the garland of pine cones transform this setting into a festive one. The stack of firewood on the side invites you to snuggle up next to this cozy fireplace. Curl up with a hot cup of cocoa and soak in the warmth.

24 Bring Out The Xmas Toys

Christmas Decor 24

Christmas toys are fun, and accessorizing your home with these delightful playthings is recommended, especially if you have children around. You can build a story around these toys and display them against an empty wall in your living area.

This vintage Santa truck carrying all the presents is adorable. The string banners (particularly the countdown stocking banner) on the wall add to the charm.

25 Santa Is A Must

Christmas Decor 25

Christmas without Saint Nick will not feel like Christmas at all. Collect all your Santa souvenirs and scatter them all around your living.

Besides the Santa figurine, we see the jolly good fellow’s face on the banner and the gift wrapping on the presents. The matching plaid blanket and the area rug, and the chunky knit cushion cover – are some other red decor pieces scattered around – to go with the Santa theme.

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