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March 22, 2023

35 Deck Decorating Ideas

Extend your functional indoor spaces to your outdoors, particularly during the warmer seasons. As a result, you get to relish the joys of nature while cooking, eating, or hosting guests outside.  

Decks are outdoor living areas that shine bright under the sunlight. They are ideal spots to host a family get-together or barbeque parties. Apart from adding visual appeal to your homes, decks cleverly increase the square footage of your residence, which in turn attracts more buyers and boosts the value of your home.  

Designing and decorating your deck can be effortless if you have a vision. Firstly, you need to determine the purpose of your deck before you start working on it. This will help you narrow down the list of items that you need and help you break down the building process. 

We have a list of decks with unique decor ideas that could get you started. It will help you decide the intent of your deck and finalize the decor style you seek for your deck. 

Hammock For Stargazing



























Image: Pinterest 

A hammock instantly sets the mood of a deck. Add tons of lighting – like wicker lanterns and candles in jars, and suspend big round Chinese lanterns. Team it up with cane seatings, wicker flower baskets, a couple of warm throws, and comfy pillows to complete the look. 

Add Levels

Add Levels

Image: Pinterest 

Creating levels on your deck helps designate zones. You can have your dining on one level and an informal seating area on another level. If you have a slope in your backyard, you can play along the incline to create the levels. 

Dancing Flames


Image: Better Homes & Gardens

Outdoor firepits make for an attractive focal point and produce an inviting outdoor lounge space. When the sun goes down, snuggle up with your loved ones in the warmth and comfort of a bonfire. Firepits and firepots that are portable are good alternatives if you do not want to commit to an elaborate outdoor firepit.       

Calming Water Feature 


Image: Pinterest 

Create an artificial pond around your deck. The pond will attract all species of birds and small creatures from your neighborhood. Animal lovers will enjoy their time in this backyard. Decorate the pond and deck with fancy pots. Grow lush palm trees and ferns for a tropical experience. 

Unadorned Stone Elements


Image: Better Homes & Gardens

A stone barrier that functions as an unpretentious outdoor bench sits beautifully in the surrounding landscape. The wall further gracefully coils into a tiny little water feature. The plants growing between the cracks and crevices of the stone wall add to the beauty of this outdoor seating.     

Coastal Set Up 


Image: Wayfair

Set up coastal furniture to design a seaside environment. Introduce shoreside colors such as the ocean blues, white waves, and sandy beige. Natural materials like wood and cane will warm up the airy, breezy decor. Pay close attention to details like the driftwood wall art adds so much personality to the space. 

Curved Features


Image: Better Homes & Gardens

The curved bench depicts skillful craftsmanship. The fluidity of the curve brings character to this deck. The in-built planters (made from tongue-and-groove cedar) bordering the bench exhibit a bouquet of colorful flowers. The bench is ideal for devouring a warm summer evening outdoors while gazing into the wilderness.        

Floral Affair


Image: Wayfair

Flowers bring joy and sweeten up a space. A flower wreath invites you at the door, flowering plants in wicker baskets and tinned pots, tiny flower pots hanging on the wall, and lavender tulips arranged in a bucket – remind us of a lovely florist shop. The gardening tools like pitchfork and spade used as wall decor is a clever way of sticking to the bloom theme.  

Unusual Decor Pieces


Image: Better Homes & Gardens

Put on your thinking hats and get creative with decorating your deck. An arrangement of unique art pieces can bear a resemblance to an art gallery. Intricately decorated planters, gorgeous garden sculptures, and fancy candle holders are spotted amongst ferns and vines. The vintage bathtub is a quirky addition to the delicate mix.

Suspended Daybed


Image: Pinterest 

Swings are adorable seating options – especially if you have kids around. This low daybed swing will have you lounging all day. Pile on cushions and bolster pillows for extra comfort. The thick mattress makes for a comfortable seating experience is ideal for enjoying a good book outdoors. 

Pocket Full Of Planters


Image: Better Homes & Gardens

Building planter boxes between comfy seatings, at the periphery of the deck, and at prominent spots accommodates more vegetation in a barren deck. These boxes can grow flowering shrubs for fragrance and visual charm. On the other hand, they can be used to plant herbs and vegetables for culinary purposes.    

Outdoor Area Rug


Image: Pinterest 

Want to spread the warmth of your living room to your outdoors? An outdoor area rug can transform the vibe of your deck. It can warm up the space and make it more inviting. Outdoor rugs can withstand harsh outdoor conditions like bright sunshine and heavy rain without ruining their gorgeous appearance. This botanical area rug in blue and white pairs well with the garden furniture and the wood flooring.   

Creative Lighting


Image: The Art Of Doing Stuff 

Ample lighting is crucial outdoors. Once the sun sets, you will be dependent on these lights. And chances are, if your deck is poorly lit, you will hesitate to spend time outdoors post-sunset. Ferry lights and string globe lights are charming, especially when interwoven with vines and climbers. Here we witness a romantic setup with a variety of lights. The lattice holds wine bottles and mason jars with led lights. And to enhance the romantic vibe, a candlelight dinner is arranged on the table.      

Movie Night Deck Up


Image: Pinterest 

Amp up your movie watching experience by putting up a projector on your deck with comfortable seating. Throw in some pillows and blankets for extra comfort. Call your friends and family over, switch off the lights and get ready for an amazing outdoor cinema experience.  

Black Beauty


Image: Pinterest 

Painting the flooring and railing black – instantly elevates your deck. Paint your furniture also black for a refined, cohesive look. Adding rugs brings a pop of color and texture. Since darker decks absorb and retain heat for much longer, it is recommended to have a black deck if you live in a colder climate.     

Indoor Like Interiors


Image: Better Homes & Gardens

Here the deck looks like an extension of the living room. The chic seating solution, area rug, fireplace, and elegant railing give this space a stylish – almost indoor-like appearance. 

Al Fresco Dining 


Image: Pinterest  

Experience outdoor dining with splendid views of Mother Nature. Include a dining table and chairs (enough to accommodate your family and a few extra guests). A patio table garden umbrella will ensure it doesn’t get too hot. 

Entertaining in the outdoors is refreshing. Both kids and adults can have a good time enjoying the beautiful warmth of the sun and the cool breeze.   

Cheery Outdoor


Image: Pinterest  

Include bright-colored pillows for a vibrant deck. Hanging multicolored pom pom tassels is a unique way to inject colors. A bright striped table runner and painted pots are other easy ways of including a wide palette of colors in your deck.  

Live Hedges  


Image: Pinterest  

Hedges can create a green wall. It provides privacy and forms a natural separation from adjoining areas. A thick plank of wood can act as an informal seating. Decorate it with a few throw pillows for a cozy vibe. Arrange two coffee tables side by side for an elaborate coffee table cum informal dining space. Handwoven jute rug is a good option to warm up the setting.     

Carved Pillars


Image: Better Homes & Gardens

Ornamentation in architecture provides a sense of royalty and grandeur to the structure. Carved pillars act as an attractive focal point. These traditional pillars resemble a piece of art and agree with the curvature of the deck.  

Natural Materials


Image: Pinterest  

Furniture made from natural, rustic materials looks good in the open. Wood is a good material to start with. Use wooden planks to create a casual seating. Natural fiber like – jute can be used to decorate the floors.

Vine Covered Pergola


Image: Pinterest   

Enjoy a sunny afternoon outside in the shade of a pergola. You can experiment with the design either opt for a traditional wood pergola or a modern fiberglass one. Grow climbers on the pergola for extra shade and a dash of freshness. Alternatively, you can hang string lights, chandeliers, and curtains as per your need.    

Railing Bench


Image: Better Homes & Gardens

Deck railing that doubles as a backrest for the seating. Built-in benches are carefully planned and considered. This bench looks cohesive with the flooring and the coffee table in the center.  

Hangout Spot


Image: Pinterest 

Chic outdoor furniture improves the environment of your deck. A casual seating area can be designed with a garden rattan-based furniture set and a sleek glass coffee table. Arrange a table in the background to function as a refreshing lemonade stand. You can immerse in long hearty conversations with friends in this nook.    

Include Storage Space


Image: Wayfair   

Garden seats with in-built storage solutions are always a thumbs up. Your garden tools and equipments need storage space, and this could be the perfect solution to the problem. It will conceal all the clutter and keep your backyard and landscaped areas looking prim and proper.    

Dining With A View 


Image: Pinterest 

Work on your landscape. If you have a dining space on your deck, make sure the view your diners will face is stunning. Having a water body or creating an artificial water fountain next to your deck provides a fantastic view. It is also very calming to eat next to a water body.

Outdoor Cooking


Image: Pinterest 

If you enjoy cooking and hosting friends for a barbeque party, you must build an outdoor kitchen. You can have a satellite kitchen if you are deprived of space. A gas or charcoal grill, a small sink for cleanup, and a sleek kitchen platform for prep work should suffice. Setting up a dining table next to the kitchen is recommended to enjoy freshly cooked supper. 

Outdoor Bar Area


Image: Pinterest 

Love hosting parties? Set up a bar outside to treat your guests to a crazy night. The bar could be built closer to a pool and will prove advantageous during pool parties. The black wire bar stools complement the tilework. You can get innovative with your backyard bar design and seating material.   

Focus On Vibrant Furniture


Image: Better Homes & Gardens

Stick to a monochromatic deck if your garden furniture is bright and funky. A toned-down flooring and railing in a single color palette can better highlight peppy, multi-colored pieces. Here we see planters matching the grey tones of the deck – to further emphasize the furniture.  

Garden Gazebo


Image: Pinterest 

Gazebos are a great family gathering spot. It protects you from the scorching sun and heavy rain showers. Your family can assemble at the gazebo for game nights or a quiet family dinner. Design the deck and gazebo at a height to make it look impressive. 

The Tree Was There First


Image: Pinterest 

Avoid chopping down trees from your backyard. Building a deck around existing trees creates harmony between nature and the built environment. Such a healthy environment is good for you and your young ones. Arrange spotlights in strategic spots to highlight the trees in the evening.   

Lattice Barriers


Image: Better Homes & Gardens 

Wooden lattice screens are aesthetically pleasing. They provide minimum privacy without blocking the passage of sunlight and ventilation. The room between the slats can be utilized to hang decor items. Cultivate trailing plants on the lattice frame for a green barrier. 

Rooftop Deck With A View


Image: Pinterest 

This rooftop deck flaunts a unique color combination. The walls are painted white with a few white furniture pieces, but the seating set is a bright navy blue. The white wicker swing hanging from the pergola on the edge of the roof is a brave move. The color combination and the rooftop view remind us of the beauty of Greece.  

Relaxing Hot Tub


Image: Pinterest 

Build a hot tub in a raised platform deck. The fencing provides privacy from neighbors. The pergola partly covers the tub from above and provides additional privacy if needed. Having a dining table in proximity to the tub helps. One can have a relaxing time in the hot tub and then proceed to the dining table for a satisfying lunch.  

Stone Flooring


Image: Better Homes & Gardens 

When it comes to deck materials, think out of the box. Flagstone floors look naturally elegant in an outdoor setting. Team it up with a spectacular view like this, and the natural stone does justice to the deck. In-built wood seating with adorable railing posts add to the charm of the scene.  


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