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October 20, 2022

6 Bathroom Trends That Will Rule 2023

Bathroom trends have been rapidly evolving in the recent past. Once considered just a functional part of the house, now perceived as a room for solitude, respite, and contemplation. Hence, elevating the appearance and focusing on creating a sanctuary out of the bathroom has gained popularity.

The following year will heavily focus on developing the bathroom into an indulgent space. Some trends expected in the upcoming year will help achieve this, while others are tried and tested classics with a revamped look. Here are six bathroom trends that we think might be big in 2023.

Bathroom 1

1. Natural is Best

As more and more people have started adopting a sustainable lifestyle, designers, too, have begun gravitating towards green design. This approach will be loudly visible in the interior designs of 2023.

Natural materials are commonly used in sustainable designs. These materials have a longer shelf life and never go out of style. Apart from being good for the planet, they are equally beneficial for our well-being. And since next year is all about treating the bathroom as a relaxation spot, natural materials will be significant in interiors.

Bathroom 2

Perfect tuning of different materials is observed in this non-pretentious bathroom. Block722 Architects have beautifully utilized various natural materials in the bathrooms of Olea Hotel. The floor is covered with natural stone tiles. A sleek stone wash basin sits comfortably on a raw, ragged oak wood board that acts as the countertop.

Bathroom 3.

Unlike the previous example, the designers here have stuck to one hero material in this bathroom. The floor, walls, and counter with the built-in wash basins have all been built with the same natural stone.

2. In Harmony with Nature

Since we are focussing on sustainable design and relaxation, outdoor showers will be a fad next year. It is a refreshing way to connect with nature and rejuvenate.

Bathroom 4

Bathing alfresco helps you unwind. And when surrounded by lush green foliage, it is nothing short of an idyllic place. This outdoor shower area will remind you of being in the wild, but at the same time, it gives you your privacy. It will leave you feeling fresh and excited for the day ahead.

Bathroom 5

With hints of femininity, this open-air bath looks quaint. The white hydrangeas create a pretty picture and a calm ambiance. It’s a charming way of including beauty and freshness together. The planks of wood that stand as the barrier are painted in a flushed blush paint, which leads us to our next trending item for 2023.

3. Pretty in Pink

Switch up the glam quotient of your bathroom with the color pink. With its fresh yet classic energy, the color pink never seems to go out of style. Although considered a feminine shade, the color can be used in a masculine environment without looking girly. In bathrooms, this color looks modern, luxurious, and refreshing. One can get creative with the color and can use it to dress up the bathroom walls, floors, storage units, and accessories.

Bathroom 6

The walls of this bathroom are painted a dusty rose pink color. The subtle texture on the walls adds depth and dimension to this room. The white curved wash basins, flower pots, and wall sconce complement the chic bathtub and the pink hue.

Bathroom 7

Here the pink tones of the terrazzo floor tiles and the sheer curtain are subtle and yet manage to captivate the viewer’s attention. This bathroom seamlessly blends styles from different eras. The vintage-looking clawfoot bathtub, modern artwork, traditional brass towel radiator, brass fixtures, metal side table, and pot stand are perfect components of this eclectic bathing room. In spite of the interesting mix of interior pieces, the quirky pink terrazzo tiles speak the loudest. Terrazzo tiles are another trend to watch out for in the upcoming year. They will be seen all over bathroom floors and walls.

4. Offbeat Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are going to make a splash next year. Unique designs and unique materials will be seen. Merging of the shower and the bathtub will be highly sought after. Designers will get creative and find ways to take the tubs outside the wet room. Don’t be surprised to find mighty bathtubs in the middle of bedrooms. The whole point of this is to create a relaxing spa within the confines of one’s dwelling place.

Bathroom 8

This outdoor bathing area makes for a calming spot. The unusual bathtub made of a single granite boulder is strikingly beautiful. The primitive design of the bathtub looks chic in this open-to-sky bathroom. The granite tub against the stone walls, pebble flooring, and eafy vegetation has a luxurious and raw vibe.

5. The Royal Gold

Gold, the blingy metallic color immediately upgrades a room. It has always been associated with opulence and for this very reason, the color has been exploited in entertaining areas to exhibit one’s social standing. Similarly, the color can be used in bathrooms to create a luxurious space meant for indulgence. It works beautifully on the surfaces, furniture, and fixtures of bathrooms.

Bathroom 9

Gold can also be used to accessorize the bathing area, like this glorious gold mirror that stands out against the dark grey wall. The tub fixtures, vintage wash basin legs, and plumbing units make for elegant accents of gold in a classic white bathroom.

6. Soft curves and arches

Straight lines and sharp angles are more rigid in nature. Curves and arches are delicate versions of these rigid lines and angles. Their characteristics may be feminine, yet they can be used in gender-neutral spaces.

Bathroom 10

Curves in bathrooms can be applied to furniture details or architectural components like the arched niche. It is the highlight of this room and ideal for storing bath essentials. Many upcoming trends of 2023 are also evident in this bath. For example, the freestanding bathtub that curves elegantly and the gold chandelier with its curvy design are tasteful picks.

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