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November 03, 2022

9 Large living room ideas

Larger rooms are appealing to all. They are spacious, bright, and have a positive vibe. Of all the big rooms, large living rooms can be especially inviting and are excellent for entertaining a large number of guests. Despite the positives, people avoid having a large living room as they can be quite tricky to decorate. Striking a balance is the most challenging part when decorating a large space. In this article, we will help you overcome this challenge and give you tips to decorate a large living room.

1. Create Pockets of Functional Space

The main purpose of a living room is to entertain guests. Apart from that, it can be used for watching television, reading, relaxing, and spending time with family. Large living areas with an open floor plan can be segregated into tiny sections of seating or entertaining space. It is easier when the segregation is done based on the function of the space. This helps create pockets of little practical spaces within a larger area.

large living room ideas

Source: https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

There is a formal and informal seating area visible in this living room. The sofa set is rather sophisticated and perfect for entertaining guests. A laid-back rattan wicker hanging chair hangs behind this formal setting, facing a window. The hanging chair’s proximity to the bookshelf and the ample sunlight from the window makes it a cozy reading corner. It is also the perfect spot to relax and sip a cup of coffee.

living room

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/402157441736756208/

If you have a sharp corner like this, you can create a snug little space to unwind. The built-in shelves and the seating area are designed to function as a mini library within your living room. The chic ceiling lamp compensates for the absence of natural light in this corner.

2. Create Partitions without the addition of walls.

Adding partitions to a room is a convenient way of creating boundaries within a large room. It also helps visually cut down the room size without reducing the actual floor space. Partitions can be in the form of screens, shelves, potted plants, or even at times, furniture. You can get creative and find ways to use bulky decor items to create partitions in a room.

how to decorate a large living room

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/341781059231676490/

Rearrange your furniture smartly to create demarcations in your living area. This elegant daybed separates the entertaining space from the warm and relaxing fireplace seating. The backless design of the daybed does not create an obvious divide, instead, it functions as a component of both the seating space. This will help bring the transition from your luxury entryway into your living room.

modern living room

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/484840716146861995/

Open shelves can be strategically placed in a room to create divisions. They can be used to display books, artifacts, and plants. Leaving some of the shelves open will ensure light passes through and keeps the entire living space bright and airy.

minimalist living room

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/19632948361020670/

For a relaxed Bohemian or coastal-themed living room, hang a hand-painted beaded curtain like this breezy floral print curtain. This acts as a semi-sheer divider without occupying much space. In addition to dividing the space, it enhances the look of the room and lends a casual appearance.

3. Choose Two-Tone Walls

This old-school way of painting your walls has started gaining popularity in recent times. The objective is to pick a combination of colors to paint a room or a wall. The safest and easiest option is to pick white (a neutral color) as one of the colors and combine it with another color of your liking. This way, you do not fall into the trap of picking colors that do not sit well with each other.

white living room

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/402157441736749697/

For example, we see a combination of white and grey in this living room. The muted grey blends perfectly with the stark white color. The colors are further carried on to the coffered ceilings without looking too overpowering.

Another safe option is going monochromatic with this style. Using shades of colors from the same color family provides visual cohesion without the risk of blending two incompatible colors.

green living room

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/688628599282034158/

A subtle transition of the same color is observed in this room. The deep teal at the bottom of the room merges effortlessly with the lighter shade of teal at the top half of the room. The monochromatic theme is visible on the floor as well, as the area rug mimics the transition of teal.

4. Utilize the Vertical Space (How to decorate a large living room)

Most large living rooms have double-height space, which leaves room for extra empty space. Often, the tall walls and the double-height ceilings are ignored. One can avoid causing these void spaces by creatively decorating the vertical space. Experiment with decor elements, both man-made and natural.

interior design living

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/370280400614559517/

The continuous flow of artwork from floor to ceiling is impressive. Many a time, we turn a blind eye to a slim wall such as this. No doubt the depth created by the double-height ceiling is impressive, and leaving the wall blank would not affect the drama created by the massive height. But the addition of the artwork adds a unique touch to the room. It adds charm and character to the space.

modern design

Source: https://www.architecturaldigest.com

A unique custom-made light fixture hangs from the barrel-vaulted ceiling of this living room. The wall against the fireplace is decorated with river stones and the walls with the windows are clad with double-height curtains. This living room is a perfect example of using the vertical space skilfully.

5. Add Potted Plants and Trees

Large rooms often end up having a lot of negative space. In interiors, negative space helps hold all the decor elements together. But if negative space is in excess, a space can look empty and not well balanced. Adding potted plants helps fill up the white space and adds a sense of freshness to a room.

open space living

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/402157441736752979/

Adding tall potted trees to rooms with double-height ceilings like this one works well. The massive tree fills up the empty vertical space and the isolated corner. The proximity to the windows ensures ample sunlight for the tree to flourish.

Adding a natural element indoors helps us stay connected with nature. If possible, provide access to the outdoors to create a stronger bond with nature. This brings us to our next tip.

6. Open up to the outdoors

Tall windows and glass doors usher in a lot of natural light and air. If you have a decent view from your living room, the tall windows and doors can maximize the view.

bring the outdoors inside

Source: https://www.housebeautiful.com

This living room embraces the stunning view. The big metal and glass doors connect the outdoors with the indoors. When throwing a party, guests can easily spill out to the swimming pool area and not crowd the living room. If you regularly host parties, you can give access to the outdoors from your living room to open up the space and produce more room for events.

nature living room

Source: https://www.housebeautiful.com

In this example, the indoor living room fluidly merges with the outdoor living area. The barrier between the two seating areas vanishes when the sliding door is open – giving the illusion of a much larger entertaining space.

7. Up Your Hosting Game

If you are serious about entertaining guests, you should include a mini bar in your living room. A lonely corner can be transformed into a sleek home bar. You can place a modest bar cabinet for a casual feel or have a full-fledged bar counter with stools, a bar rack, and cabinets.

elegant room

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/317433473747340101/

A niche is carved into the living room wall to construct a stylish home bar. The inside wall of the bar is given a dark teal paint, while the edges flaunt a dark floral wallpaper. The sharp contrast of the niche against the stark white walls makes the bar the focal point of the room.

8. Sprinkle Some Art

Including art is another smart way to fill up empty spaces. It brings out your personality and helps you express yourself. Art encourages dialogue, and what better place to have it than the living room?

artsy room

Source: https://www.bloglovin.com

Art is not always oil painting on canvas. Digital prints of gorgeous photographs in a black-and-white theme add depth to this room. The vintage camera next to the gallery wall adds to the drama. You, too, can create a similar gallery wall and showcase your photography skills. You can stick to a monochromatic theme or add bright colorful photos to liven up your room.

9. Warm Up

If you have to deal with harsh winters, you might want to consider building a fireplace in your living room. The idea of reading a book curled up around a fireplace on a cold winter night – brings a warm, fuzzy feeling. The addition of a fireplace (whether a rustic stone fireplace or a simple contemporary installation) adds instant warmth and makes the room feel sociable.

book living room ideas

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/507288345537681069/

This industrial-style fireplace looks chic alongside the exposed bricks, built-in bookshelves, and the velvet chaise lounge. The neatly stacked firewood reminds us of the crackling sound and the sweet aroma of burning wood.


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