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August 11, 2020

Designing for First-Time Clients in Denver

Our Denver interior design studio designed this Cherry Hills residence for clients who had never before worked with an interior designer. Not only was it a successful project for our clients, but we are thrilled to share that it caught the media’s attention and was featured in the Spring issue of Home & Garden Colorado.

Denver Home Garden Magazine

When our clients moved into this property, they needed assistance with making the house an extension of their personality. But this wasn’t as easy as adding a few personal touches or following their design tastes. Here’s why:

Our clients have very different tastes in design. One wanted the home to have a more farmhouse style while the other loves all things contemporary.

To ensure that both clients loved the house and felt that it was suited to their taste, our Denver studio decided to fuse their design preferences and chose a contemporary farmhouse look that was high on aesthetics and functionality.

Before detailing how we accomplished the look, here is a tour of this beautiful home:
Transitional Style Home Video Thumb


The most beautiful space in this home is the massive living room, which was displayed as the opening spread in the magazine. We decided to complement the large windows, double-high ceilings, and naturally-lit interiors with earthy palettes and furniture that suits the open, spacious vibe.

Denver Massive Living Room

Warm wood floors, a statement modern-rustic chandelier, and a grand piano add loads of character to the room. We selected furniture that is stylish and, at the same time, super comfortable as the family spends a lot of time in this room relaxing, watching TV, and bonding. All the fabrics we used are high-performance to withstand frequent use.

This video showcases the before and after of how we transformed this living area into a modern, happy space.
Spacious Family Room Video Thumb

Cherry Hills Village Living Room Design Before After

One of the many things that we loved about designing this home was that it challenged us in so many ways. For example, the before and after showcased above.

This room was largely unused space. We had the wish to use it to elevate the home’s functionality and look.

The room already had bookcases, a fireplace, and a TV. Our clients love entertaining their friendly neighbors who visit often, so we turned the room into an additional lounge space that is cozy and sophisticated. This room also has direct access to the formal dining room, so we took advantage of that and created a space where people can enjoy a drink and conversation before meals.

This video shows how we transformed the space:
Cozy Sophisticated Lounge Room Video Thumb

Cherry Hills Village Entry Door Design Before After

The house’s entrance is the first thing that one notices, and we wanted it to reflect the bright, modern aesthetic of the rest of the home —the before and after shows how we transformed the entry with a new palette, a welcoming rug, and sleek wall lights.


Denver Kitchen Dining Press Magazine

This quote of ours, as included in the article, is our design mantra. Our Denver interior design studio strives to balance functionality with style and never compromises one for the other. This video explains how we achieve both.

Denver Kitchen Elegant Pendant Decor

When we were thinking about the design for the home’s kitchen, we wanted a very simple, open look, so we selected sleek pendants and functional stools that offer seating at the island. We extended the same aesthetic to the breakfast nook next to the kitchen and selected an elegant pendant to complement the kitchen lighting. The round table has a beautiful wood top that flaunts a distressed look.

Check out this video to see how we styled and designed the kitchen and breakfast nook:
Kitchen Breakfast Nook Video Thumb

Cherry Hills Village Dining Room Design

As with every other room in this home, we wanted the dining room to reflect the varied taste of both clients. We wanted the look to be sophisticated and, at the same time, very relaxed. Keeping in mind that our clients have young children, we used high-performance fabrics that are easy to clean. The focal point of this dining room is the colorful artwork and the geometric floating pendant.

Watch the video to see how we put together this clean, contemporary look:
Sophisticated Dining Room Video Thumb


Cherry Hills Village Master Bedroom Interior Design
The bedroom in this home is all about luxurious comfort. We used distressed wood for the bed and nightstands and used a simple wallpaper behind the bed to add some dimension and texture. Drama was brought in with the geometric chandelier, and we added a bench at the foot of the bed so that the family’s dogs can climb in and play around during cuddle time.

See the video for more details on how we designed this master bedroom:
Master Bedroom Video Thumb


Cherry Hills Residence Boys Bedroom Design

When it came to the kid’s rooms, we wanted to create a medley of cozy, playful places so that the kids can enjoy their time at home. As a finishing touch to the design, we added rugs in these rooms, so that the kids have a feeling of warmth and a soft area on the floor to play.

Cherry Hills Village Kids Study Design

In the elder child’s room, we created a small reading space to feed his enthusiasm for books. It features a comfortable reading chair with a floor lamp for extra light and a shelf to stack his favorite books.

Cherry Hills Village Kids Bedroom Design

In the younger child’s room, we installed a teepee tent (which is a huge hit with him) and a platform bed with lots of big, comfortable pillows to relax and read.

This video shows how we designed both rooms as well as the children’s bathroom:
Kids Rooms Design Video Thumb


Cherry Hills Village Kids Room Design

Another space in this home that we loved designing is the kid’s playroom. This room is right next to the front door and had lots of windows and a skylight, so it was ideal for the kids to do their arts and crafts, and other activities. We wanted to make sure that there was enough storage for their games and toys, so we added light cabinets that look stylish and serve the purpose of keeping the space clutter-free.

We explain how we designed this room here:
Kids Playroom Video Thumb


Cherry Hills Village Powder Room Design

Like the rest of the house, the powder room flaunts a simple design with pops of color in the accent wall and in the colorful artwork. The distressed wood vanity is consistent with the furniture in other parts of this home, and the circular mirror and sidelights add a unique touch.

The video showcases how we completely transformed the powder room.
Powder Room Design Video Thumb

Our Denver interior design team loved designing this home. And, we are grateful for the opportunity to help our clients feel comfortable working with an interior designer for the first time. The fact that this home was featured in Home & Garden Colorado was a bonus. We hope this blog has inspired you to work with an interior designer if you’ve never done so before.

When you’re ready to plan your Denver home renovation, the first step is to call us our top-rated Denver interior design studio at 720-735-7533. We can then arrange to use FaceTime or Zoom for face-to-face video calls, allowing for a touch-free design and remodeling experience. Or, we can use masks and make it an in-person meeting.

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