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March 12, 2018

How To Prepare For Your Denver Renovation

It’s an exciting time in any homeowner’s life when they’ve made the decision to renovate! Customizing a home to one’s ideal needs and personal style is often a dream come true — one that we designers love to be a part of!

When it comes to planning, designing, and completing a remodel, there are a few key aspects to keep in mind that will affect a homeowner before, during, and after the remodel is finished – aspects that are often overlooked due to all of the excitement.

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So, whenever I am working on a home remodel with my Denver clients, there are 4 critical preparations that I discuss with them:


Goldenkey Before After Kitchen
Always do your research, whether that’s seeking advice from interior designers, renovation experts, or fellow friends who have recently finished renovating their home. For larger renovations, it’s always worth the time and money to collaborate with an interior designer (or other home improvement expert) early on in the process.

Larger renovations – where permits and building approvals are needed – can be tricky. This is definitely one to hand over to the experts, as they know exactly what to expect from the process and can help you to better understand the procedure and timeline.

Aside from building logistics, interior designers are trained to listen to your needs and picture the best possible floor plan and design for you. Sometimes what a client thinks they want and/or need isn’t actually what’s best for their everyday lives. If a client is redesigning their home to be the perfect place to entertain large parties, when really they need more storage and family-friendly elements, a designer can help hone in on making the changes that will benefit them the most.

For small changes, you might want to seek out advice from friends or neighbors who have recently completed a similar project. Finding out where their projects ran smoothly, as well as where they ran into hiccups, will help with your planning.

Interior designers are also a great resource for double-checking your design plans, as they’ll be able to objectively notice when you’ve left out a major element. For example, if you’ve always dreamed of a kitchen island, but instead your plans show a walk-in pantry, they’ll be able to bring this to your attention and help you adjust before any renovations take place.

Have A Clear Budget

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Having a clear budget is paramount to a successful renovation! Not only will a clear budget reduce any buyer’s remorse and additional stress, it will also prevent any last-minute budgeting at the end of the project where one might be tempted to opt for lower quality materials and finishes.

It can be hard to pinpoint exactly how much a project will cost, but with a bit of detective work (and help from a professional, too), one’s budget can become much clearer. Window/online shopping and cost comparisons are both great places to begin – if you know your intended style, that is! If you’re starting fresh and haven’t yet pinpointed how you want your remodel to look, an interior designer is your best bet.

Interior designers have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to budgets and making sure their clients get the highest quality for their money. Also, their professional relationships with showrooms and vendors usually help in getting a bit more bang for your buck!

Whether you decide to research prices and the cost of labor yourself, or to hire an interior designer, I always recommend erring on the side of caution. Being a bit more conservative with your expense estimates – such as adding an extra 15-20% – will serve as a nice cushion when unexpected costs arise or when changes need to be made.

Anticipate The Smaller Details

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Oh, the smaller details! Just as with anything, sometimes the smaller tasks and finer details can be the most important. Anticipation is where interior designers and renovation experts are often most praised (other than the final reveal, of course), because it’s these smaller details that can make or break a smooth remodeling process.

While contractors can assist in structural elements, interior designers understand when and where you’ll need something to be; outlets, lighting, storage, counter space, windows, and more — these are all elements interior designers envision on your behalf!

Another detail that I can’t stress enough is planning for the renovation! If you’re remodeling a kitchen or master bath, make sure to organize the things you will need (coffee mugs, water glasses, plates, utensils, towels, toiletries, etc.) in an easily accessible place. It’s inevitable that a home will get messy during a remodel, and sifting through boxes is that last thing you’ll want to do – trust me!

Design For Years To Come

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Most people don’t want to spend the time, energy, and resources on a renovation that will look dated in 5, 10, or even 15 years. For commercial design, this might not be as important, but for residential properties, I urge clients to consider timeless interiors that can adapt to different trends.

Avoiding “in the moment” design trends, such as completely industrial-styled homes, will pay off. Just as trends come and go, so do our preferences. And, depending on whether you’re renovating for increased resale value or for yourself, opting for an adaptable design will be to your advantage either way.

Even when my clients want ultra-modern homes, I focus on a classic and timeless foundation. The interior can be as modern as can be, but if they wanted to redecorate, they’d easily be able to add in “trendier” pieces that won’t clash with the home’s renovated look.

Timeless design will always beat out short-lived trends. Depending on your home’s location and architecture, different styles will fit more classically than others. Have a professional who’s well versed in your area to help you decide which classic components you’d like to implement.

Hope these tips give you a few things to sort out before renovating your home!

If you’re in the Denver area and are considering a home remodel, whether you need a full-service designer or just someone to help during the starting stages, feel free to give us a call ! 720.735.7533

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