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December 21, 2021

Before & After: Decorating a Denver Condo for a Perfect Fit

When clients ask us to decorate their space to help make it their own, we look at their personal priorities as well as attributes of the space to create the right fit for them. The new owners of this downtown Denver condo have many personal art pieces gathered from their families and travels, which they wanted to display, providing a great starting point for the design. The condo also has some architectural accents, like unfinished concrete, that give it an industrial feel we wanted to preserve. Other priorities included taking advantage of the high ceilings, incorporating natural materials into the design, and creating a relaxed ambience throughout the home. See how we achieved these goals.


Downtown Denver Condo Dining Room Design Video


Bedroom Before After Mb


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Bedroom Tv Wallmount Before Design


Denver Condo Bedroom Decor After


It’s been said that light fixtures truly are the jewels of a home! Therefore, for the bedroom redesign, we added statement lighting to make the most of the high ceiling and to brighten up the neutral palette used for the walls and carpet. An accent wall with stunning black-and-white wallpaper and an off-white rug with clean black stripes add a lively touch. Natural wooden side tables with attractive bedside lamps, a bedroom bench, and abstract art added more warmth to the bedroom, making it a peaceful, relaxing space.


Refreshed Livingroom Before


Denver Condo Open Plan Interior After Design


Denver Condo Family Room Modern After Design


The living room got an elegant, sophisticated facelift with a comfortable gray couch, a charming center table, and a couple of chairs in attractive rust-colored upholstery to visually break up the continuous neutral palette of the open layout.

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can breathe new life into an old piece of furniture. The client had some attractive furniture and decor items we retained in the design. See how we styled the client’s existing console table to suit the quiet simplicity of the room.

Downtown Denver Condo Family Room After Design


As an extension of the open concept living/entertainment space, we carved out a nook for the couple to kick back and catch up with each other at the end of the day with a delicious glass of red wine. The light, simple furniture ensures that the corner doesn’t feel too crowded. The client’s classic sleeping Snoopy artwork sets the mood for this space, making it a cozy corner to unwind.

Denver Condo Before Design


Downtown Denver Condo Bar Nook After Decor


A couple of minimalist shelves displaying the client’s unique decor items and collectibles add a touch of warmth. See how the cheeky decor reflects the couple’s love for their pet dogs!

Downtown Denver Condo Open Shelves After Design



Elegant Dining Before


Downtown Denver Condo Dining Room After Design


Denver Condo Dining Room Accent Wall After Decor


We wanted to make the dining room a cheerful space for fun conversations around the dinner table. To achieve this, we painted one wall bright green to provide a lively backdrop for one of their paintings. Below that, a rustic sideboard showcases the client’s dinnerware and decor pieces. We retained the client’s existing dining table and gave the chairs a fun facelift with slipcovers that coordinate with a lovely patterned carpet. And finally, the bold statement lighting from the high ceiling added a hint of sophisticated elegance to the space.


Hall Before


Downtown Denver Condo Entry After Design


The goal with the foyer decoration was to make it bright, inviting, and functional. Textured wallpaper on the back wall and a natural jute finish console table styled with colorful decor accessories draw visitors into the welcoming space. A matching wooden bench added functionality to the entryway. The client’s existing painting was swapped for a beautiful round mirror to allow the homeowners and guests a quick look before stepping in or out. (Note: The former foyer painting was placed on the dining area’s green wall!) Finally, to create visual interest, we hung a bright, colorful piece of art, setting the cheerful ambience for the rest of the house!


What made this project enjoyable was the beautiful furniture, clever paint choices, statement lighting, quirky decor accessories, AND the fun challenge of using existing furniture and artwork to suit the space perfectly. We were blessed to have clients whose fun and adventurous spirits allowed us to design aesthetic, functional spaces for working, lounging, dining, and sleeping. Not only were they open to our design suggestions, but they were also dog lovers and found inspiration in travel and just like me! We are happy that our Denver interior design studio could ensure that the client’s personalities and lifestyles were lovingly inscribed throughout this beautiful condo.

If you are looking for interior design services, big or small, please reach out to us at 720-735-7533. We offer services coast to coast from our design studios in Denver, Miami, and Montecito (Santa Barbara). My team and I would love to support you!

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