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March 22, 2021

How to Design a Denver Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used and important rooms of a home, and in addition to looking great, I ensure that every kitchen designed by our Denver studio offers functionality and ease of use. From the kitchen layout to the lighting and style of the space, here’s a look at the various aspects of how we design a stylish and ergonomic Denver kitchen.


Bonnie Brae Denver Kitchen Renovation

The most common kitchen layouts are U-shaped, galley, L-shaped, and U- or L- with an island. The above image is an example of an L-shaped kitchen with an island. A U-shaped kitchen is ideal if you have a massive kitchen and can use three walls to accommodate storage and workspace. The galley-shaped kitchen works best for narrow or small kitchens as it uses both sides for storage and counter space. A layout also has to work ergonomically, and the golden rule for kitchen designs is the work triangle. This means that the stove, sink, and refrigerator should form a triangle to accommodate easy access and workflow.


Do you prefer a modern kitchen, a traditional kitchen, or a combination of both? Here are examples of various design styles for your Denver kitchen:

1. Farmhouse (Rustic & Refined)

Mb Farmhouse Rustic And Refined

2. Simple Kitchen & Breakfast Nook

Kitchen Breakfast Nook Video Thumb

3. Open Kitchen & Dining

Open Kitchen And Dining Video

4. Mid-Century Modern

Mb Mid Century Modern

5. Modern & Sleek


Mid Century Denver Open Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in a home, and the floor should be able to handle a lot of foot traffic. It should also be water-resistant and long-lasting. The above image showcases warm, wooden flooring that we chose for this project. While wooden floors used to be considered a poor choice, thanks to technology we now have access to modern sealers and polyurethane finishes that make wood more durable and long-lasting. Plus, it looks good and adds a cozy, intimate vibe to the space. Other popular, durable flooring options include bamboo, tile, natural stone, linoleum, and vinyl (which is the most inexpensive option).


The lighting for any space in a home works on three levels — ambient, task, and accent. Ambient lighting defines the mood of an area and is usually used in the form of recessed lights. Recessed lighting is essential as it is the primary source of light in any room. The above video shows how our Denver studio overcame a lighting challenge for this kitchen. The ceiling wasn’t built to accommodate recessed lighting, but we understand its importance and found a solution that worked.

Perfect Evergreen Kitchen Interior Renovation

Castle Pines Village Kitchen Interior Design

As the name suggests, task lights are any lights that allow you to perform a task. They include countertop lights, pendants, and chandeliers that light up a particular area. The above images are various examples of task lighting: conventional glass pendants (above) and edgy, geometric ones (below). Accent lights are all about adding style to a space and are usually in the form of lamps, wall lights, etc.


Evergreen Kitchen Design

Adequate storage is crucial to good kitchen design. The above project showcases a combination of open shelving, closed cabinets, and we even added storage to the island. Plus, we added a double island to this kitchen, so while one island works for counter space and storage, the second acts as additional space for dining. The subtle-hued cabinetry adds a stylish touch.

Mb Cabinetry And Storage

Storage isn’t restricted to just cabinetry. While cabinets are great for storing pots, pans, and cutlery, innovative use of design can create storage options for a wine bar, appliances, etc. In the above projects, we made the islands double-up as storage for wine, beverages, and appliances.


Backsplash Pattren Design

This includes kitchen hoods, backsplash design, materials for countertops, and the finishing touches of a kitchen. The white and silver patterned design to the left and the white and gold patterned tile to the right added sophisticated drama to the Denver kitchens in which we used them as backsplashes.

Evergreen Pro Style Kitchen Design

In addition to backsplashes, even the kitchen hood can be used to make a style statement. Shown above is an unconventional hood with a wooden accent.

Has this blog inspired you to renovate your Denver kitchen? My team and I will be happy to help you find your kitchen style. We even design homes remotely, so our services aren’t restricted to Colorado. The first step is to call our top-rated Denver interior design studio at 720-735-7533. We can then arrange to use FaceTime or Zoom for face-to-face video calls, allowing for a touch-free design and remodeling experience. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have. Together we will live safe, beautiful lives.

Margarita Bravo Green Interior Designer

Margarita Bravo

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