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May 28, 2018

Denver Design: Shopping Locally

I can’t believe spring is almost over! We’ve had a very busy season, and I am feeling grateful to all of our great vendors. With that, I realized how much I shop and buy locally here in Denver, which by the way, is a hot spot for interior design! This city is filled with luxury showrooms and extraordinary specialty stores, all of which boast high-quality design pieces that will last a lifetime.

So, let’s dive in and talk about some of my most beloved Denver design shops!
Denver Breakfast Nook Design


Solesdi provides an ultra-exclusive shopping experience – with only five storefronts total, 2 of which are in the United States – offering a handful of carefully selected interior design brands. Sleek and modern kitchen cabinetry, appliances, and accessories, as well as upscale mid-century modern furnishings, are abundant at Solesdi, and their particularity ensures one-of-a-kind pieces.

Lowry Living Room Decors

Design Wright Studios
If you’re a fan of mid-century modern styles, you will instantly fall in love with Design Wright Studios! Filled with mid-century modern furniture and decor, boasting soft but finely tailored furniture, blissfully curved seating, and elegantly neutral color palettes. Even if you’re not shopping for your home at the moment, Design Wright Studios is a great place to find inspiration and pinpoint your style.

Columbine Showroom
I hold Columbine Showroom especially close to my heart as it’s a family run business deeply rooted in the Denver design community. They host a wide variety of high-end collection lines and cater to every design style, from traditional to modern. Not only is Columbine Showroom a luxury Denver-based store, they also provide some of the best customer service I’ve experienced!

Denver Design Center
With large and bountiful stores all centrally located in one place, Denver Design Center is a great place to get started on a design project! And, if you’re looking for the most recently debuted interior design pieces, DDC will undoubtedly deliver. While it can feel overwhelming to homeowners who are new to the scene, the friendly laid-back yet knowledgeable employees can make anyone feel confident and comfortable with their style preference and price point.

Specialty Stores

Galleria of Stone
Updating a backsplash or countertop is definitely one of the most exciting materials to shop for, and Galleria of Stone somehow makes the experience even more enjoyable. Their selection is impeccable, too, boasting some of the largest and most diverse selections of high-quality stone in Denver! To top it off, their sales associates are incredibly experienced and are more than happy to walk you through their entire showroom and answer any and all questions!

Denver Kitchen Renovation

Porcelanosa specializes in one-of-a-kind tiles that can be used throughout the home, including the exterior! Porcelanosa tiles have created a chic and modern look in each home that I’ve installed them in, and my clients are always stunned with the beauty and quality of their products. If you’re looking for inspiration for your interior flooring or patio, you will find plenty of ideas from this Denver shop!

Ann Sacks
The last tile specialty shop on the list (see, I told you I love tile shopping!) is Ann Sacks. The tile selection at Ann Sacks is what I would describe as “ahead of the curve,” and their selection is incredibly modern and unique. While Ann Sacks tiles may be a bit more expensive than other places, you’ll understand why once you lay eyes on their creative and artistic tiles!

Ultra Design Center
For finishing touches in a clients’ kitchen or bath, I always seek out plumbing fixtures at Ultra Design Center. Sleek, stylish, and timeless as well as high-quality hardware and finishes offer the ultimate detailed touches.

Observatory Park Master Bathroom Decor

Tansey Contemporary
Last, but certainly not least, is art shop Tansey Contemporary, my go-to spot for accent pieces and decor. Tansey’s showroom is filled with an assortment of glass, ceramics, fiber, and sculpture art pieces. Here you can find work from some of the world’s best-known glassblowers, as well as other high-end decor pieces that are culturally and visually fascinating – and of exquisite quality!

If you like the sound of these Denver shops but don’t know where to start, Give us a call and we’ll begin working on your dream interior design. 720.735.7533

We would love to help!

Margarita Bravo Green Interior Designer

Margarita Bravo

Denver’s Best Interior Designer

Margarita is a luxury interior designer and decorator, remodeler, furniture curator, and creator of experiences. Margarita’s unique skill set has evolved from her strong educational background and European and Latin American sources of inspiration. Now with design studios in Denver, Miami, Montecito, Aspen And Barcelona.