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September 26, 2022

Luxury Minimalist Interior Design Ideas

luxury minimalist interior design stands for simplicity, harmony, and thoughtful composition. The unnecessary elements are excluded, and function takes center stage.

In a world of luxury where indulgence is inevitable, can minimalism prevail? And if that is possible, will it have to compromise on its core value of simplicity?

How to achieve A Luxury Minimalist Interior Design?

Excessive display of fortune implied luxury in the Victorian era. However, this idea does not hold true in the 21st century, where “less is more” is the approach for an optimal lifestyle. In today’s times, opulent and busy styles are considered loud and flashy, while keeping things simple is appreciated. Due to this fact, minimalism and luxury can exist harmoniously in today’s times.

Since keeping things simple is considered a luxury, this union emphasizes quality, not quantity. And the aesthetics are refined and exhibit components made from high-grade materials meant to last a lifetime.

Here are some fine examples of minimalist luxury that we love. We hope it inspires you and that you can pick one or two ideas to create your luxury minimalist space.

Open up to the view.

luxury minimalist interior design

Source – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/166070305001681844

Large windows invite the surrounding landscape and create a sense of oneness with nature. The double-height ceiling makes the space look vast and luxurious. Clean straight lines are replicated on the ceilings, walls, and glass panels. The interiors comprise natural materials like raw concrete, and unfinished white oak is used to conceal the ceilings and walls. If you, too, have a breathtaking view, decorate your home with natural and subtle interiors and allow the view to do the talking.

Take advantage of architectural aesthetics.

interior design minimalist

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/166070305001681836/

A fine example of interior design minimalist with a Mediterranean twist to it. The choice of furniture pieces, the natural textiles, and the earthy tones give it a comfortable, laid-back vibe while managing to look put together. The compact arched niches are used as display areas to exhibit collectibles, and the wider one converts into a comfy seating nook. This approach of using architectural elements in multiple ways is common in minimalist designs. You, too, can use this approach to create an uncluttered space and help accentuate the natural architectural aesthetics of your room.

Mix modern with rustic

minimalism in interior design

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/166070305001681870

This minimalist getaway is designed in a contemporary fashion while retaining its country charm. The arrangement of a few furniture pieces gives importance to the concrete floor and walls and the rustic wooden roof and wall panels. Various kinds of textiles with bohemian prints are strewn all over to generate a relaxed vibe.

Create natural warmth – interior design minimalist living room

interior design minimalist living room

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/166070305001681874/

The subtle color scheme and play of textures and materials set the tone for this Tuscan-inspired house. Elegant curves and neat, straight lines are visible throughout the house. Wood is heavily used for ceilings, sliding doors, storage shelves, and furniture. Various materials like beige stone flooring, ceramics displayed on the open shelves, handwoven jute Kalahari rug, and jute baskets create an organic atmosphere.

Experiment with dark wood

minimalist luxury

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/166070305001681879

Inspired by the designs of American mid-century and Brazilian modernism, the interiors of this residence are crafted with elegance. The furniture pieces are custom-made, and the sculptures, books, lamps, and tactile upholstery are carefully picked to enhance the ambiance.

The use of dark wood for furniture and storage spaces and the smoked oak wall panels create an understated warmth in the house. Do not be afraid to experiment with dark and muted wood tones to create an intimate atmosphere. Although, remember to allow ample natural sunlight to prevent the room from looking too gloomy.

Celebrate the materials

luxurious minimalist

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/166070305001681885

Drawing one’s attention to the materials is a classic example of minimalism in interior design. This kitchen does exactly that. The concrete kitchen island flows seamlessly to the floor. The same is true for the light wood ceiling, wall panels, and cabinets. The sheer curtains permit abundant sunlight into the room. The geometric-shaped metallic pendant lights, the humble bar stools, and the minimum crockery on display keep the decor simple and refined. Recreate this look with minimum natural materials and a few tasteful decor pieces.

Opt for an all-white style

minimalist style interior

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/166070305001681891

Clean, crisp, and thoughtfully designed. The apartment’s all-white cement walls, floor, in-built sofa, and open shelves create a cohesive environment. The scattered warm earthy tones are not very overpowering and enhance the white shade. The built-in planters, the steps, and the decor pieces are well thought out. You, too, can create an all-white space with subtle hints of color to break the monotony and create an airy, calming, and chic atmosphere, all great samples of interior design minimalist style.

Decorate with deep and rich hues 

Minimalist Design With Dark Colors

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/402157441736487376/?nic_v3=1a7CIogmY

Here is proof that minimalists can use colors other than beige and white as their hero shade. This living room boasts some rich jewel tones that make it look classy. The choice of artwork, the velvet sofa, the emerald green throw pillow, and the metallic vase with fresh flowers add to the style. The built-in cabinets are perfect for displaying books and decor items while beautifully managing to conceal all the extra clutter.

Try grandeur casual 

Luxury Bedroom Design

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/166070305001681895

The perfect balance between grandeur and casual. The tall arched window provides a good amount of natural lighting and livens up this well decorated room. The platform canopy has a certain charm – even when surrounded by intricately carved armchairs, a lush suede couch, a beautifully designed coffee table, a decorative chandelier, and contemporary artworks. 

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