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November 09, 2022

Modern Mediterranean Interior Design

Luxury is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the Modern Mediterranean Interior Design. The clear blue waters, golden sandy beaches, perfect sunny weather, and mouthwatering food make it the ideal vacation spot. Ergo, it comes as no surprise that most American beachside resorts are designed to ape the characteristics of the Mediterranean to create that luxurious holiday experience.

Modern Mediterranean decor is widely used to decorate residential and commercial properties. The calming and elegant characteristics of the style have stood the test of time and continue to be one of the popular choices in luxury interiors. So let’s look at what the modern Mediterranean style stands for and how you can achieve this in your homes.

Modern Mediterranean Design

Source: https://www.candelariadesign.com

A pleasantly welcoming entryway. The soft buttery color scheme and the architectural elements have a Spanish touch. Though a narrow space, it is adequately lit and feels spacious.

What is modern Mediterranean interior design?

Picture a luxurious resort – a modern Mediterranean design encompasses the extravagance and comfort of such a resort. The design is partly traditional with a hint of contemporary tone. It is influenced by the classic art and architecture of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean sea. You can sense the cool sea breeze of Greece and the warm sandy deserts of Morocco. You can catch glimpses of Spanish colonial to classic Italian architecture. The vivid colors of the sand, the sea, and the freshness of the scenic landscapes of the Mediterranean are all embraced. Although a mix of different styles and characteristics, the modern Mediterranean looks harmonious and coherent.

Living Room Interior

Source: shorturl.at/ahrY6

An amalgamation of modern furniture and traditional architecture. The exposed beams, arches, and sandstone flooring are typical of Mediterranean decor. The sofa with the floor poufs comes in a contemporary design and sits well in this traditional setting.

What makes a home A Modern Mediterranean Interior Design style?

The Mediterranean people are friendly and love hosting family gatherings. True to the nature of the inhabitants of the region, a Mediterranean home is also warm and inviting. Even with dark wood furnishings, the home feels bright and fresh – just like the regional climate. Such houses have an old-world charm and a sense of comfort.

There are certain key elements observed in a Mediterranean home that makes them unique. These elements are listed below and can give you a better understanding of the style.

Modern Mediterranean Living Room

Source: https://pin.it/5pbkbF9

When you want to create an outdoorsy atmosphere inside – you bring the outdoors inside. The rustic herringbone floor tiles are surrounded by crisp white furnishings and refreshing foliage. You are presented with a sight that is clean, fresh, and inviting. This living room has a luxurious spa-like ambiance and is the perfect spot to unwind after a busy day.

Natural Materials

The Mediterranean style focuses on simple and natural materials. The decor style emphasizes the texture and character of the materials – and allows the natural beauty of the materials to shine through.

Tiled roofs made from terracotta are widely used on the exterior. The flooring is usually covered in terracotta tiles, stone, or hardwood. Wood is used for doors, beams, and furniture. Stone walls, arches, and pathways are a common sight. Exposed bricks or stucco finish in white paint is also often observed. Natural textiles in the form of rugs, throw pillows, and upholstery fabrics are used in this style.

Modern Bathroom

Source: https://www.intimatelivinginteriors.com/modern-spanish-mediterranean

This bathroom flaunts furnishings in natural materials. Terracotta pots, wicker baskets, and a wooden stool rest comfortably around the massive marble bathtub. The Mediterranean area rug fits beautifully in this calming bathroom.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

The Mediterranean design gives a lot of importance to nature – be it in the form of natural materials or including natural elements. In this style, the beauty of nature is highlighted, and the outdoors are well decorated like the indoors. The indoor-outdoor living concept blends the beautiful outdoors with the indoors and creates pockets of multifunctional spaces. The idea behind merging the indoor rooms with the outside is to help people connect with nature and rejuvenate.

Patios, balconies, and terraces play a crucial role in Mediterranean design. These outdoor spaces are blended with indoor rooms. Plenty of attention is given to common areas or entertaining spaces as having plenty of family time is considered vital by the Mediterranean folks. Hospitality or entertaining guests is crucial too in their culture. Because of that, their dining tables are large (to accommodate everyone) and often laid outdoors (to enjoy the beautiful weather). Fancy ornamental furniture is used in outdoor spaces, and the gardens are well-landscaped.

Modern Mediterranean Open Living Room

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/365847169739630283/

This Moroccon-influenced entertaining room spreads effortlessly to the balcony. The Moorish arch opens the intimate indoor seating area to the pretty terrace dining. Hints of Islamic architecture are visible in the decor items such as the glass pendant light, the throw pillows, rugs, and the side tables.

Bright And Airy Rooms

The Mediterranean style resembles the coastal theme. The bright and airy environment found in the coastal-themed decor is captured in the Mediterranean theme as well. Lots of sunlight and open space are essential in this decor style.

The indoor-outdoor living concept ensures the connected spaces are well-lit and spacious. Big windows permit natural sunlight and brighten up the room. The color white is a popular choice for painting walls and furniture for that breezy, beachy, and light ambiance.

Open Floor Living Room

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/331788697560624307/


The wide arches in the form of entryways and windows allow ample sunlight to light up the space. The white walls and ceilings further brighten up the area as the natural light bounces across the spacious room.

Arches Everywhere

The arch is a trademark architectural element of the Mediterranean design. Inspired by Roman architecture, this elevated curved structure is used as entryways, windows, doors, door frames, and aesthetic components. Archways are commonly used to transition from one room to another. Arches are welcoming and authentic to the characteristics of a Mediterranean style.

Minimalist Entryway

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/545428204884102837/

The front facade of this villa is flooded with arches. Identical arched windows are neatly lined on the first floor, while a series of arches lead you through the the foyer to the living room.

How do I make my house look more Mediterranean?

Your goal should be to create a welcoming and relaxing home. Apart from focussing on the above-mentioned key elements, here are some tips that can help you achieve the look.

Focus On Greenery

Adding some vegetation to your patio, balconies, or indoors can transform the look of your house. Drought-tolerant plants and succulents are your best bet when trying to pull off a Mediterranean look.

If you want something more challenging than just including plants. You can try to build an outdoor seating area with pergolas. Cover the pergolas with creepers to form a shaded outdoor structure. Alternatively, you could convert this into a shaded outdoor dining area.

Elegant Patio

Source: https://www.veranda.com/decorating-ideas/a1603/lipari-italian-villa-house-tour/?zoomable

This outdoor dining is calling out to its guests. The white columns and chairs paired with the blue tablecloth transport us to Greece. The bare flooring with the strip of Sicilian tiles and the vines on the pergola remind us of a beautiful Italian patio.

Work On The Colors

Paint and decorate your house in an appropriate and minimal color scheme. Find inspiration from the landscapes of the Mediterranean. Work with warm sunshine colors like terracotta, ochre, red, and deep yellow. For a cooler color palette, use the colors of Greece – white, blue, lavender, turquoise, and green.

Interior Design Living Room

Source: https://www.homestolove.com.au/restored-1920s-meditteranean-villa-22124

A striking example of a cool color scheme. The deep blue sofa and chairs along with the washed-out blue area rug add a subtle pop of color to this white living room. The Spanish-influenced arched fireplace and the chandelier provide enough classic architectural elements to this modern room.

Turn To Minimalism

This style exudes elegance, and to achieve elegance – keeping things simple is essential. The Mediterranean style lays emphasis on functionality to make the environment comfortable for all. The color palette is subtle and soothing to the eyes and mind. Geometric shapes in the form of furniture and architectural elements are noticed in this style. Unnecessary pieces are excluded, and extra ornamentation is avoided.

Modern Mediterranean Design

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/350084571045443826/

The arched entrance, wicker vase, aged doors, and wooden coffee table have a Mediterranean touch. The use of natural stone tiles for the floor, the minimal furnishings, and the muted color scheme make this the ideal minimalistic Modern Mediterranean Interior Design room. The artwork is subtle and yet manages to grab one’s attention.

Experiment With Bold Patterns

Tiles are a must in Mediterranean decor. Use patterned tiles to adorn your walls and floors. Get creative and look for similar patterns in your textiles. For example, you can decorate your couch with colorful throw pillows that flaunt pretty motifs to match your tiled flooring. Patterns can add drama and character to your rooms.

Mediterranean Design Staircase

Source: shorturl.at/BJY23

Decorative Moroccan tiles adorn the rise of the staircase. These tiles come in beautiful patterns and vivid colors. And can be used to decorate the walls and patio floors.

If you are looking to incorporate a beautiful Modern Mediterranean Interior Design for your home in Denver, Miami or Montecito contact us today.

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