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February 25, 2019

Paris: A Dream Destination For Interior Designers

Paris is known to be effortlessly stylish, but in addition to fashion, it is equally popular for its outstanding architecture and interior design sensibility. The city’s rich culture, history, heritage, and unparalleled architectural style serve as inspiration which can only be described as glamorous, impeccable, and chic.

My main motive for this trip was to attend two popular interior design industry events in January, the Paris Deco Off and the MAISON&OBJET.

Here are a few highlights from my trip.


Magnificent Palace Of Versailles

Colorful Marble Embellishments

Architectural Brilliance Of Versailles

Dawning my cozy jacket to brave the chilly January weather, my first destination was a solo trip to marvel at the architectural brilliance of Versailles.

Located about 10 miles away from Paris, the magnificent Palace of Versailles is a vision of grandeur architecture. Built by Louis XIV, it was formerly the French Royal residence. The opulent palace’s Baroque style of architecture is characterised by elements including vividly painted murals and frescoes, bright colors, extravagant embellishments, ornate columns, and the elaborate usage of colorful marble. With about 2,300 rooms and more than 60,000 works of art, the palace truly celebrates the craft and talent of French architects, artists, and craftsmen from the 17th to 18th century.


Giant Furniture Displays

Window Display Decor

Exquisite Display Of Fabrics

The Paris Deco Off showcases the latest works of the finest designers in the business. It is spread across the Left and Right Banks of central Paris and includes the artsy and chic neighborhood of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. The event features fabric fairs, pop up showrooms, exhibitions, window display decor, and giant furniture displays on the streets. With its exquisite display of fabrics, textiles, wallpapers, home accessories, carpets, lightings, and furniture designs the event is a must-see for all interior design professionals and enthusiasts.

The streets were still adorned with the Christmas decor of warm LED lighting and the Paris Deco Off’s signature lanterns added to the charm. The textile-covered lanterns, which were hung across the street connecting buildings, featured a variety of colors and patterns and are especially pretty at night.

The event was a great source of learning and inspiration. I’m grateful to have met several talented showrooms and designers who do not have a presence in the US and I look forward to offering their creations to my clients back home.


Maison Objet Professional Trade Show

Home Interior Solutions

Collection Of Decorative Accessories

Home Decor Fair

The MAISON&OBJET is a professional trade show for the interior design industry. The home decor fair displays a wide collection of decorative accessories and home interior solutions. Featuring designers from all over the world, the event received participation from all leading European designers.

With so much to learn and experience, the event can be a little overwhelming, I could cover only half the fair in a day. Known for being ahead of the curve, the MAISON&OBJET is a popular learning destination for furniture companies.


Le Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris French Fashion Designer

French Fashion Designer Yves Saint Laurent Work

Interior design is intertwined with fashion at another must visit in Paris—the Le Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris or the Yves Saint Laurent Museum. The museum which celebrates the life and works of iconic French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent treats visitors with the couturier’s body of work. It is housed in the hôtel particulier or mansion which was his studio for close to 30 years from 1974 to 2002.

The exhibit includes designs from his famous collections, jewelry, photographs, fabric samples, sketches, films about his creative process, information about his method of work, and how he found inspiration in Asia and Africa.

The museum gives you the opportunity to delve into the creative genius’ life.


Pierre Frey A Design House Presentation

I was part of a presentation by Pierre Frey, a design house of French fabrics, wallpapers, furniture, and other home accessories, at the Automobile Club of France. Attended by about 200 designers, the presentation displayed Pierre Frey’s new collections of fabric and wallpaper. The brand is available in the US at Kneedler Fauchère showrooms.

The prestigious Automobile Club of France boasts majestic architecture and is the oldest auto club in Europe. It is located very close to the famous Louvre Museum.

Majestic Architecture

I was also fortunate to attend a lounge party at the residence of renowned interior designer Timothy Corrigan. With offices in California and France, he has designed furniture and fabrics for the luxury interior brand Kravet among others. Timothy spoke about his fascinating life renovating chateaus around France. He recently presented an elegant collection of passementerie, Chevallerie, inspired by his French country home Château de la Chevallerie.


Beauty Of Paris

I loved the beautiful views, book stores, and art galleries that the city offers. I even cherished the experience of walking through a little flea market scouting for rare treasures.

Paris Inspiration For Designer Margarita Bravo

The magic of Paris lies in its ability to inspire you just by taking a stroll through its streets. The city will definitely influence my work as an interior designer, and I really hope you get a chance to treat your creativity with the beauty of Paris and its fabulous events.

Paris, je t’aime!

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