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February 13, 2018

Furniture Trends for 2018

As we settle into 2018, understanding which trends will last all year – and even into 2019 and beyond – is a concern for many homeowners looking to update their home. And, with so many trend predictions being published, confusion is heightened, making home design decisions even more difficult!

As a designer, I need to anticipate which trends will be short-lived versus the trends that are here to stay – which is why I’ve gathered my first round of furniture trends & styles that are timeless and adaptable.

Raw Woods & Mixed Metals

St Paul Home Kitchen Interior Design

Natural materials have been in for a while, with designs decked out in rustic woods as well as homes boasting complete industrial styles. But, when these two materials are correctly balanced together, they create an unstoppable duo – a modern look with organic warmth and just the right amount of edge. To get this look, search for contemporary or artistic lighting in metal materials — wrought iron, brass, and hammered metal all bring their own unique flair to a room. For the larger furnishings, such as tables, shelves, and other casegoods, the options in rich, organic woods are bountiful! Just choose the look that reflects your style most.

The reason this style won’t go out of trend anytime soon is due to its versatility. Natural materials are simple yet elegant and can be dressed up or down – formal or casual – and always look put together.

Mid-Century Modern

Girard Place Denver Living Room Interior

Mid-century modern furniture is huge right now, and I don’t see it leaving the scene anytime soon, either. With its clean modern lines complemented by warm textures and even vibrant upholstering, these pieces add depth and intrigue but are simple in design. Mid-century modern pieces work fabulously in modern, contemporary, transitional, and eclectic homes, which is why so many designers are utilizing this style these days.

From tables to chairs to sideboards, finding pieces in mid-century modern is easier than ever. I personally like to mix the materials, as seen above, where we integrated wood, leather, and acrylic.

Classic Pieces In Bright Colors

Observatory Park Breakfast Nook Design

Lately, I’ve seen interiors with classic styled furnishings that are energized with bright and cheerful hues. This is one of the easiest additions to bring into the home – either as your primary dining chairs, an accent chair, or an entryway bench. Another plus? If you’re a painter, this would be a great DIY project, as such pieces are easy to find in most furniture shops.

This trend looks stunning in modern, rustic, contemporary, and farmhouse homes, as it adds the perfect amount of color to a neutral or monochromatic color scheme.

Velvet Accent Chairs

Observatory Park Living Room Interiors

Not many things are as lovely as the look and feel of a plush velvet chair. The luxurious aesthetic and warm textiles come together beautifully in any interior design style. Whether chosen in subtle neutrals or saturated jewel tones, a velvet chair will create an instant look of refinement.

A major reason velvet has had such a strong comeback in recent years is the flexibility it has when merging with other materials. As you can see, the soft material of velvet seamlessly balances out the contemporary leather sofa and rich wooden coffee table. This works just as well in minimal, eclectic, and modern farmhouse spaces, too. It’s all about finding a balance between heavy and light, masculine and feminine, light and dark — and velvet is perfect for achieving that.

Accent Vanity Mirrors

Observatory Park Master Bathroom Interiors

Lastly, a major trend that I’m a huge fan of (and which is also super easy to integrate) is accent mirrors! Here I’m referring specifically to the use of accent mirrors in the bathroom, as accent mirrors throughout the home have been an ongoing trend for a while. With so many bathroom trends emerging, from mosaic tiled sinks to floating vanities, accent mirrors are definitely a look that is here to stay.

Hanging a statement mirror in your master bath or powder room will instantly rejuvenate the entire room. A large mirror with a jaw-dropping frame is one of those design details that add a powerful and personalized touch. Also, since many bathrooms are fairly neutral in color, a touch of luster will be a welcomed contrast. If you’re looking to spruce up your bathroom, I definitely recommend trying this look out — it might be just the change you need.

Hope these furniture trends help with your redecorating! Although these are top trends, it’s always important to choose furniture and home decor that represents your true style.

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