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April 01, 2024

Unveiling the Top Interior Design Events & Shows You Absolutely Can’t Miss

Discover the Best Interior Design Events Not to be Missed

In 2024, interior design shows will feature events that display the latest trends in the industry. They will provide an exclusive place for fans and experts to dive into cutting-edge aesthetic innovation and help create connections within the luxury interior design market. The calendar is packed with the best interior design events staged in cities worldwide, promising a display of unmatched trends and luxury products.

Anticipating the Evolution of Interior Design

From Design Week in Milan to Paris Design Week, every event has been carefully organized to display what is coming up in the interior design industry, making these events very important for anyone interested in luxury design.

Milan Design Week - Interior Design Events

Milan Design Week (Salone del Mobile Milano 2024)

From April 16 to 21, 2024, Milan Design Week (Salone del Mobile Milano 2024) is a special time for interior design lovers. It happens at the Milan Fairgrounds in Rho, Italy, and lets visitors see the newest products in furnishings and accessories. Renowned for its unmatched creativity and environment-friendly brilliance, Salone del Mobile Milano 2024 is anticipated to be an exhibition of imaginative designs; this event can not go unnoticed by those looking for top-level luxury design.

Key Highlights:

– SaloneSatellite 25th Anniversary, EuroCucina, and the International Bathroom Exhibition: These featured exhibitions within the Milan Design Week offer a specialized focus on various aspects of interior design, from celebrating emerging designers to exploring the latest in kitchen innovation and eco-friendly bathroom solutions.

– EuroCucina’s Special Focus on Food Design: This kitchen exhibition, which takes place every two years, will attract interest from lovers of cooking and design. It provides a unique view of where food and design meet.

– Innovations for a Sustainable Future: The International Bathroom Exhibition, focusing on water preservation and environmentally friendly product design, demonstrates the industry’s move toward sustainability.

With a significant exhibition offering a new communication campaign titled ‘Where Design Evolves,’ the Salone del Mobile. Milano 2024 is poised to captivate the interior design market, representing a sector with a 52.6 billion euro turnover in 2023. This event is a must-attend for those looking to immerse themselves in the future of luxury interior design.

Paris Design Week - Interior Design Show

Paris Design Week 2024

Set against the backdrop of Paris’s timeless elegance, Paris Design Week 2024, from September 5 to 14, promises an immersive exploration into the future of luxury design. This prestigious event is synonymous with Maison & Objet, showcasing an expansive array of home decor, furniture, lighting, and accessories. With a focus on the latest trends and networking with industry professionals, it is an essential rendezvous for luxury design enthusiasts.

Event Highlights:

– Languages: Available in English and French, ensuring accessibility for a global audience.

– Sections: News, Districts, Promenades, Talks and Participants. This gives a complete picture of the design world.

– Participants: Exhibitors are varied, with &KLEVERING and 101 COPENHAGEN, among others, showing the breadth of luxury design innovation.

Moreover, Paris Design Week 2024 will celebrate Christopher Farr Cloth’s 20th Anniversary with exclusive events, including a themed party at interior designer Garrow Kedigian’s home. The week will also highlight new design iterations from renowned brands such as L’objet and Christofle, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics. This convergence of innovation and tradition underscores Paris Design Week’s role as a pivotal platform for luxury design in 2024.

London Design Festival

London Design Festival 2024

London Design Festival 2024 is planned from September 14 to 22. It shows an exciting mix of new and old styles. The festival will have:

– Landmark Projects: Significant works such as Aura, Halo, and Please Feed the Lions by Es Devlin, Medusa by Sou Fujimoto, and Tin Drum provide deep involvement in art and design.

– Global Design Forum: This part will have exciting conversations about sustainable fashion in the future with people like Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian, who pushes the limits of radical imagination.

– Ceremonies for Recognition and Exhibitions: The respected London Design Medals are distributed, honoring exceptional design efforts. Gatherings like Design Notes and How to Design for Wellbeing give us insight into the newest fashion styles.

These features highlight how the festival contributes to London’s reputation as a worldwide center for design, culture, and invention. It draws the largest number of visitors from all over the world.

Newyork Design Festival

New York Design Week (NYCxDESIGN, 2024)

New York Design Week (NYCxDESIGN, 2024) is an essential event for people who love luxury design, from May 16 to 23. This festival not only showcases exceptional design across various categories but also offers unique opportunities for immersive experiences and industry recognition:

– NYCxDESIGN Awards: Prestigious accolades presented by Interior Design Magazine, spotlighting extraordinary design products and projects.

– Design Pavilion: This public exhibition will take place in famous New York locations. It features immersive installations meant to catch people’s attention and inspire them. The outdoor display transforms Times Square into a center of creativity and outstanding design.

– Special Features: The Emerging Designer Residency, Design Corps, and Student Graduate Portfolio Showcase offer three unique chances at NYCxDESIGN 2024. These special programs focus on fresh talent, socially responsible projects, and the future of design.

Every part of NYCxDESIGN 2024 is carefully curated to involve, motivate, and honor the finest luxurious design worldwide. It’s a must-attend event for professionals and enthusiasts in the field.

Stockholm Design Week

Stockholm Design Week 2024

From February 3 to 9, 2024 the Stockholm Design Week 2024 is an essential event for those who appreciate luxury design and desire to push forward the Scandinavian design industry. It acts as a meeting place where professionals, industry insiders, and the general public gather together to enjoy various design events and product introductions during this week. Some main elements are:

– Stockholm Furniture Fair: Scandinavia’s largest furniture, lighting, and architecture showcase.

– Scandinavian Design Awards 2024: Recognizing the best of design, architecture, and interiors throughout Scandinavia.

– The Greenhouse: This showcases Swedish and global up-and-coming talents, with more than 30 young designers and 22 design schools joining in to exhibit inventive furniture, lighting, textiles, and objects.

The Stockholm Design Week of 2024 is a grand event that will bring together numerous brands and designers. This includes Formafantasma, Wekino, Svenskt Tenn, IIttala, Wästberg, Gustav Westman and Massproductions. It guarantees visitors the best in luxury designs and the latest trends. The Stockholm Furniture Fair Talks work jointly with popular design publications like Disegno Journal and Pin-Up Magazine. They will provide expert knowledge from industry leaders for discussions about the future of design. This special event appreciates not only Scandinavian design’s history but also shows sustainable and new answers for the luxury market in interior design.

These interior design events aim to impress the luxury design world in 2024, and it is clear that these places are more than just a showcase of what is new. They offer us an exciting mix of fresh ideas and careful respect for tradition, making them part of a time where each item or idea shown becomes essential in the elegant spaces crafted by experts. From Milan’s Design Week to New York’s Design Week, these events do not just show us what things will be like but also highlight the importance of community, connection, and constant search for beauty worldwide in the luxury interior designing field.

Moreover, the exploration of these design weeks highlights their transcendent nature, not merely as exhibitions or showcases but as vibrant hubs of inspiration and ingenuity. The narrative of each city—be it the historic streets of Paris or the innovative spirit of Stockholm—adds a unique texture to the tapestry of luxury design, emphasizing how these gatherings are pivotal in shaping the future of living spaces. As aficionados and industry insiders look towards these events with anticipation, there exists a universal acknowledgment of their role in pushing the boundaries of what is feasible, desirable, and utterly exquisite in the world of interior design. So mark your calendars and explore the best interior design events of 2024.

Margarita Bravo Green Interior Designer

Margarita Bravo

Denver’s Best Interior Designer

Margarita is a luxury interior designer and decorator, remodeler, furniture curator, and creator of experiences. Margarita’s unique skill set has evolved from her strong educational background and European and Latin American sources of inspiration. Now with design studios in Denver, Miami, Montecito, Aspen And Barcelona.