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January 31, 2023

Wallpaper Decor Ideas For Bedroom

Although bedrooms are primarily meant for relaxation and rejuvenation, it should also carry the essence of the occupant – to help them ease and unwind smoothly. One’s bedroom is a personal space, and it shouldn’t be difficult to fully express one’s personality in this space. Wallpaper Decor Ideas For Bedroom can echo your personality and add a ton of character to a space. The range of choices available in terms of colors, patterns, designs, material, and make is vast. Express a distinct emotion or generate a definite energy in the room – with this myriad of choices. 

We have put together a list of bedrooms that we adore. Keep on reading to find some inspiration for your bedchamber.     

Cohesive Sleeping Chamber

Bedroom Wallpaper Idea Pink And Green Image: Elle Decor 

The wallpaper panels resemble a hand-painted leafy trellis. The design on the wallpaper is replicated from the pattern on the zuber fabric used on the curtains, curtain valances, pillow covers, and the early 20th-century French settee bench’s upholstery. Match your wallpaper to interiors to create a unified atmosphere. 

The Zen Garden

Dark Room Wallpaper Image: Wallpaper From The 70s

The Japanese garden is sketched in a modern technique with only lines and dots. The scenery features mountains, ponds, trees with hanging branches, and flowers. The gold and black design on an anthracite grey and bluish tint background – looks classy. With minimal and clean interior pieces the wallpaper will stand out. 

Statement Ceiling

Colorful Ceiling Wallpaper Idea Image: Pinterest

How about a feature ceiling? Applying wallpaper to the ceiling creates visual interest and a unique focal point. Some might consider it bold, and others whimsical. You can experiment with patterns and colors to complement your room. Covering up the entire ceiling with wallpaper also conceals any imperfections. 

Paint A Story

Creative Bedroom Wallpaper Image: Elle Decor

Mural wallpapers, when customized, can have a personal touch with a story to tell. It brings out your unique personality and spreads it across your room. The delightful flower mural by Jeremiah Britton in this kid’s room is charming as the backdrop for the pretty sheer canopy.   

Vintage Vibes

Vintage Wallpaper Idea Image: Wallpaper From The 70s  

Delicate off-white blossoms and leafy branches adorn this quaint wallpaper. The white flecks on the reed green wall covering add to the vintage beauty. The use of wood and dainty items like the pretty wreath links the decor of the room.  

Stylish Stripes

Stylish Stripes Bedroom Wallpaper Idea Image: Ideal Home

Monochrome stripes look fashionable, and with a unique furniture collection it is guaranteed to make your space look suave. Black and white stripes are neutral and can be easily combined with all wood tones. The stripes can be paired with bolder, brighter colors for an eclectic look. The illusion of height and width can be created with the stripes in a tight space. Use it on an accent wall to play with the proportions of the wall. 

Speckles On The Wall

Speckles Wallapaper Ideas Image: Good Housekeeping

A cheerful white and black speckle wallpaper adds so much cheer to a kid’s bedroom. The freehand dot print has a trendy vibe. The print could also work well in a bathroom due to its simple yet fun pattern. 

Roll It Over The Ceiling

Roll Over Ceiling Wallpaper Image: Housing

Extend your wallpaper to your ceiling for a dramatic effect. Suspend a grand chandelier to add to the drama. The wallpaper is applied only to a narrow strip of the wall and ceiling to keep it tasteful.   

Contrast In White 

Wallpaper Bedroom Ideas Contrast Image: Good Housekeeping

Choose a bright color wallpaper to liven up an all-white bedroom. The geometric pattern on the teal wallpaper adds appeal to this simple bedroom. 

Fabric An Alternative

Fabric Wallpaper Bedroom Image: Elle Decor

Silk fabric has a natural aura of richness to it. The de Gournay damask silk wallpaper brings that richness to this room. The cinnamon silk is romantic and luxurious. The elegance of the fabric covering does justice to Alex Katz’s Black Scarf. The woodwork, peachy pink curtains, and the walnut plus brass poster bed complement the silk wallcovering.  

Garden Of Flowers

Flower Wallpaper Bedroom Image: Good Housekeeping

A flowery bedroom for those who love colors and floral designs. With such a burst of bright colors, it is wise to downplay the furniture and decor of the room. Stick to a few white pieces of furniture with delicate features to go with the girly wallpaper. 

Imitation Wall Paneling 

Elegant Wallpaper In Bedroom Image: Ideal Home

Wall paneling is eye-catching and immediately transforms a room. Using a wallpaper with a wall paneling design is a faster and convenient option. These 3D wallpapers can add depth to any room and come in a variety of colors and patterns.   

Decorative Headboard Panel 

It doesn’t always have to be a feature wall. Using wallpaper on a headboard panel can build interest. Consider the size of the panel – as it should be proportionate to the bed size and the room dimensions. A rich fabric like silk can be applied for a luxurious interior design effect. The panel trims make it extra neat. 

Invite The Tropical Aura

Nature Inspired Wallpaper Ideas Image: Wallpaper From The 70s

Even if you live in a concrete jungle, you can experience the wilderness of the tropics in your bedroom. The hummingbirds, cockatoos, and butterflies are in a landscape of palm trees and tropical fruits. The backdrop is a pretty cool-toned blue and green shade that is perfect for a dapper bedroom. 

Exuberant Chinoiserie

Image: Veranda

The chinoiserie wallpaper is romanticized in this snug bedroom. The portraits give the walls a theatrical vibe. The abundance of prints from the walls to the upholstery doesn’t weigh down the room owing to the subtleties of the larger furniture. 

Your Room’s Chance To Sparkle

Sparkle Wallpaper Bedroom Ideas Image: Wallpaper From The 70s

A little bit of sparkle hurt no one. This glittery wallpaper with floral tendrils is both dreamy and opulent at the same time. The gold tendrils shimmer when the natural light from the window enters the bedroom and bounces around. The addition of the gray pieces works well with the subtle gray background. 

Citrusy Affair

Fruity Wallpaper Bedroom Idea Image: Good Housekeeping

Bring some cheer into your sleeping den with this bright, peppy wallpaper. Just because the wallpaper exhibits fruits, it does not have to be limited to the cooking or eating space. The freshness of the lemon can revive your bedroom and make it look more youthful.   

Tufted Wall – Wallpaper Decor Ideas For Bedroom

Tufted trompe l’oeil wallpaper creates an impression of three-dimensionality and has an upscale vibe. Apply tufted wallpaper in a blush tone for a refined feminine appearance. The matching tufted headboard in satin and the side wall lamps are enchanting. The framed vintage photographs lend the room a classic romantic aura. 

Muted Design 

Muted Wallpaper Design Image: Veranda 

A floral print wallpaper like this would look lovely in any room. However, it sweetens this girls’ bedroom. The print on the wallpaper is subdued and allows the furniture to shine. The blush pink headboard and canopy take the limelight. But the portraits of the little girls in between the beds are adorable.  

Flora And Fauna

Floral Wallpaper Design Image: Wallmur 

A lively and vibrant wallpaper creates an inviting environment. The colorful birds are swaying around the hanging branches and leaves. This pleasant image of nature is perfect for a bedroom to create a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere. 

Go Global!

An unusual wallpaper, this world map feature wall works great for a kid’s bedroom. It is educational, fun, and interactive. Your kids can plan their next adventure in their own sleeping quarters. 

Use It As A Painting

Floral Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas Image: Ideal Home

Wallpapers can be used in a multitude of ways. A wallpaper you particularly like can be used as artwork – either framed or unframed (as seen above). This can act as an eye-catching piece and create texture and interest in your room. You can consider using it on a narrow strip of wall or a niche that you would like to highlight in your room.  

Dress Up A Wardrobe

Wardrobe Wallpaper Bedroom Image: Pinterest

Think beyond walls. Dressing up a wardrobe with pretty wallpaper can make your room feel exclusive. You can dress up the front, sides, and the insides of a wardrobe with wallpaper. It adds character to any basic storage unit. If your room lacks excitement, this could be an easy way to introduce color and pattern. 

Classic Patterns

Plaid – a classic pattern in interiors looks traditional, rustic, and fun. It is versatile and can be applied to numerous interior objects. The plaid wallpaper adds a bold pattern to the roof and walls of this room. The same plaid patterned fabric is used to upholster the seating. The checkered flooring keeps up the continuity of the pattern in this room.   

Design Everywhere

Entire Room Wallpaper Image: Veranda

Afraid of trying prints all over? Take a cue from this Long Island bedroom – all four walls are covered with the same design. That’s not it – there is pattern on the flooring as well. Antique Italian furnishing is used to decorate the space. The bed is painted blue to go with the theme.  

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