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Colorado – Denver Designer Showhouse 2019

We were invited to participate in the 2019 Denver Designer Showhouse for Denver Life magazine. Our team designed the master suite including the master bedroom, bathroom, and connecting hallway. We gave both spaces a bohemian, natural, and sophisticated feel. The focal point of the master bedroom is the 6ft mirror hung on the wall next to the bed. It is a breathtaking design feature, and it makes the room feel larger. To make sure that the room feels completely bespoke, we worked with a local wood fabricator to make an accent wall out of angled wood pieces that were painted the same color as the surrounding room. This accent wall is right at the entrance to the master suite, so it sets the tone for a unique and gorgeous space. In the bathroom, we created an oasis by wrapping the entire space in tile and accenting it with bronze finishes in the mirrors and light fixtures.