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Colorado – Greenwood VillageHome Renovation

Our design studio remodeled this beautiful 1980s Denver home in time for our out-of-state clients to move in before the school year. Our clients were incredibly knowledgeable and fun. They had a clear vision for the home, making the entire process easier. Overall, they wanted an elegant, modern and sophisticated look for their new home, and we were able to achieve that through a combination of finishes, colors, and materials.

We worked on the kitchen, living room, basement, kids' bathrooms, guest rooms, and other areas, adding and removing walls to create a seamless flow. We changed all the windows, doors, baseboards, millwork, and trim and redesigned the fireplace. Interestingly, we executed this project amid the delays and issues resulting from COVID-19, so we were thrilled to accomplish what the client wanted.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the dedication and expertise of our design team allowed us to complete this stunning Denver home transformation on schedule. Communication and collaboration were vital in ensuring our out-of-state clients' vision came to life in every aspect of the project. From the sleek and modern kitchen to the inviting living spaces and luxurious guest rooms, each room was thoughtfully designed to embody the elegance and sophistication our clients desired.

Incorporating a mix of contemporary and timeless elements, we carefully selected finishes, colors, and materials to create a cohesive and harmonious environment throughout the home. Attention to detail was paramount in this project, from the custom millwork and trim to the redesigned fireplace, ensuring the final result was visually striking and functional for our client's needs. We are proud to have been a part of this remarkable Denver home renovation, delivering a space that truly reflects the personality and style of its new owners.