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August 22, 2019

6 Reasons To Hire An Interior Designer for Your Home Remodel

If you have already thought of how you want your home to look like, a designer can help you bring the pieces together. If you have no clue at all, a designer’s valuable insight and skill can make your home design journey smooth and worry-free. Either way, hiring an interior designer will be one of the smartest decisions you make.

As a reader of my blog, you probably already believe in the power of hiring an interior designer, so I may be preaching to the choir with this one. Nonetheless, I thought it would be fun to share six great reasons why you should hire a designer.


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You may be an Instagram or Pinterest junkie scouting for great home decor items, but actually finding those pieces is going to be a challenge. An interior designer could really help you in this situation.

Designers are constantly looking out for new sources of inspiration. It is an integral part of our job to be aware of the latest trends and designs. We attend tradeshows across the States and, in my case, even in Europe, to get direct access to the latest and greatest products from the most sophisticated manufacturers. (Curious? Read about my recent visit to the Paris Deco Off and the MAISON & OBJET). We have an extensive network of trusted vendors from whom we source products and materials that will stand the test of time.

Avoid the mistake of buying an item online that you have been crushing on, which too often ends up being an inferior replica of the original design. A designer is likely to know where to find a quality version of it at a reasonable price.

What’s more, working with a designer will help you avoid the mistake of buying an item online which ends up being an inferior replica. A designer can save you from this as she is likely to know where to find a quality version of it at a reasonable price.

Better yet, if you have visualized a piece in your mind, a designer’s skills and network can bring your vision to life. I love creating custom pieces for my clients, and you’d be surprised at how reasonably priced they end up being compared to quality brands.


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As interior designers are major buyers of furniture and other items of home decor, most manufacturers and retailers offer us discounts on fabrics, fixtures, furniture, rugs, lighting, wall coverings, flooring, and other products and materials.

What this means for interior design clients is that they typically get a greater overall value than if they go into retail locations and piece together their own home.

Designers also enjoy preferred access to a broad range of products and styles, including exclusive access to merchandise, resources, and showrooms. (You’d be surprised how many fantastic to-the-trade places exist in Denver and other major cities). We open the door to new opportunities for our clients.


Margarita Bravo Wallpaper Work

A home design project will take up a lot of your time, and if you aren’t skilled, you will also spend a lot of time on rectifying (or regretting) your mistakes. Do you really want to take precious time from your daily life and go through a stressful home design process all by yourself? A designer will handle all your design needs while you carry on with your everyday life, keep you updated about your design progress, and ultimately give you a home that you love.

Interior designers are skilled, both through education and their years of experience, to give you design solutions based on your needs and vision. Our designs will better match your needs and our solutions will be implemented in a fraction of the time than if one tried to execute them on their own. Since we already know where to find all the resources for your home project, you will save significant time on researching products, prices, and service providers. In addition, we will help you find a trusted contractor and work directly with them to complete the installation.


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Hiring a designer is a good investment. With our experience, skill, and attention to detail, we will professionally assess your home and give you intelligent suggestions and solutions. Our trained eyes are capable of noticing things that you may overlook. Contrary to popular belief that designers are expensive, we will not only help you find a solution within your budget but also help you spend your money wisely, avoiding costly mistakes.

Furniture, unlike fashion, doesn’t lose its value or go out of style. A designer is aware of how to choose a valuable piece of furniture. We will support you in making sensible choices within your budget.


Designer Pinboard

With skill, experience, and connections, designers can help you create a unique home where every room is pulled together perfectly. While you may have created an entire Pinboard as to how your ideal home should look, a designer is trained to look at the bigger picture and think differently. This gives them the ability to transform your ideas and needs into reality and design a home that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

A designer can help you elevate your ideas, give you some insightful advice, and give your home a functional design. Two of the biggest problems homeowners face in remodeling is “confusion” and “frustration.” Having a person to consult and guide you during a home design process is a big advantage that helps you trust in the outcome.


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An outdated design will seriously hamper your home’s ability to find a buyer and fetch a good price. A designer can effectively help increase the value of your home.

Buyers look at multiple properties before they decide on one, and if they had to choose between two similar properties, it is quite obvious they would choose the one with an updated design. A home with a good design aesthetic is bound to have more interested buyers when you want to sell and therefore a higher value. An interior designer can help you set your home apart from the competition and boost buyer appeal. Updated homes sell more quickly, and at better prices.

If you had doubts about whether to go with an interior designer on your new construction or remodel, I hope that the above gave you the confidence you need. If you’re still a little hesitant, my other blog, “4 Myths About Interior Design” could really help.

Our team is ready to work with you in Miami, Denver and Montecito.  My team and I are always up for a new challenge!

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